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Push Elevensix Rear Shock

Average User Rating: (Spectacular)
Push Industries Elevensix 01
 Push Elevensix Rear Shock  Push Elevensix Rear Shock  Push Elevensix Rear Shock
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11.6 on my Santa Cruz Megatower

Rating: Featured Member Review
The Good:

US made / cosy / installation + (no setup required) + ride it + forget it

The Bad:

Adds a bit of weight - haha my bike weighs 16.6kg - so no problem - pedals great uphill

Overall Review:

I have the Push 11.6 now for nearly a year on my Santa Cruz Megatower. I got it because there was a sale on Push (for years a dream on my wish list) and I wanted coil again.


The coil added about 500gr to the bike, that's the only negative I could write.

Positive sides:

  • US made and you feel the good quality (okay as European I should have bought EXT, but I like US stuff 😉).
  • Installation is done in 5min, setup comes for your needs. I tried some more and less clicks but the default setting was great for me. So installation + (no setup required) + ride it + forget it.
  • Responsiveness is a dream - all the small stuff is getting erased. If you never rode a coil you may can't understand that - so please try (demo) it (I prefer coil front + rear). The joints in your body will say thank you 👍🏻!
  • Uphill - my fear was to sit very deep in the travel... Short answer - No problem! The "climb switch" which you can tune for your needs is great. If you close low speed suspension is firm but still works. Technical climbs with roots and steps are easy to do, the only limit is my power! 90% of my uphill is done on fireroads so I use the switch every time.
  • Sofa-Switch ON and you will be surprised. My first ride was on a hometrail where I know every little root by its name, but now no more names for them. Why? The 11.6 filters them out and gives me a very secure feeling. To be honest my Megatower is much faster than I can handle and on rough trails I sometime feel like superman. 😂 Okay just a feeling for X/sec - I'm a on my brakes a lot!
  • Every air suspension has a "pendulous" in itscharacteristics, coil does not - just linear. That pendulous of air is much more noticeable if you ride it back to back. You stay higher in the travel and especially on the fork - steep trails you will notice it.
  • I do jump just very, very little bumps. So if I would prefer more airtime maybe I would prefer an air-shock because the coil wants you to stay planted.

About me: I rode this year 119times (until today), 2 days in a bike-park, most of the time trail riding with my Megatower. I'm heavy at about 95kg and love my "cozy" suspension setup. Use Maxxis Assegai DD 3C Maxxgrip front and rear - a little bit of pain uphill but worth because of safety on the way down. In front is an Öhlins Coil M.2, it took me a while to find the correct spring rate and settings but now my suspension is very balanced. No matter if you like your suspension soft or hard in my opinion the balance and a suitable rebound is more important than everything else.


Product Push Elevensix Rear Shock
Riding Type Trail
Spring Type Coil
External Adjustments High/low speed compression, 2-position settings switch, spring preload, rebound
Available Sizes Custom fit to user's exact bike frame
Weight 1 lb 14.7 oz (870 g)
Miscellaneous Dual OverHead Valve technology allows user to toggle between two independent (and rider-defined) compression settings
Micro-XD coatings on shock bodies, shafts, and reservoirs
VRX Damper piston (custom tuned)
Fully sealed mounting kits
Colors: Original Clear or Liquid Black
Price $1,200
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