Vital MTB Crew

Shawn Spomer

Location: Ventucky

First Bike: AMF Hawk 2 BMX bike with 2-speed shifting

Years in MTB: 20

Current Favorite Bike: Santa Cruz 5010c

Current Favorite Riding Spot: Lost Lake trails in Whistler

Bucketlist Ride Destination: Rotorua looks like a blast

Pick a Fave - Kovarik, Sam or Rennie: Kovarik

Favorite Taco Bell Item: Kay Suh Dillah

Interests outside of MTB: My family, skating and surfing.

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Brandon Turman

Location: Chasing hero dirt on the open road with an amazing gal and our trail dog in training. You'll find us somewhere warm with good trails nearby, though we've been enjoying Durango, Colorado quite a bit lately.

First Bike: Kawasaki Green Special from Walmart

Years in MTB: 17

Current Favorite Bike: You name the trail, I'll tell you which bike.

Current Favorite Riding Spot: Retallack, British Columbia, Canada

Bucketlist Ride Destination: Madeira Island, Portugal

Pick a Fave - Kovarik, Sam or Rennie: The Karver!

Favorite Taco Bell Item: Gross

Interests outside of MTB: Always up for an adventure, big or small. Off-road moto.

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Johan Hjord

Location: The Internet

First Bike: A banana seat cruiser with ape hangers and a 2-speed gearbox, shifter on the top tube

Years in MTB: 10

Current Favorite Bike: YT Capra

Current Favorite Riding Spot: Home Trails

Bucketlist Ride Destination: New Zealand

Pick a Fave - Kovarik, Sam or Rennie: SAM HILL MOTHERFUCKER

Favorite Taco Bell Item: I can’t choose only one! C’mon!

Interests outside of MTB: There are such things?

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