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One thing that hasn't changed is a majority of riders aren't good enough to take advantage of half this shit. Instead of buying pimp new carbon fiber wheels and debating wheel sizes, a majority of riders should buy some skills clinics and if they want to shave some grams, shave it off their waistline.

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It's our preference to have people in-house for easier collaboration and idea sharing.

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Ah the good old days before the internet. Now everyone can find people online who are also into having sex with other people in animal costumes (I once stayed in a hotel that was hosting a Fuzzy convention a few years ago).

But I digress. Once upon a time all we needed was one bike. I could race XC or DH...more

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All I know is I got beat by a guy on 27.5+ bike this weekend. And he's a large human. And there were lots of tire-eating rocks in a number of the stages.

Basically, what i'm saying, is every "theory" I had about 27.5+ just got crushed (great for beginners, large guys can't use it or they'll flat by just...more

Beware, It's Getting Weird Out There
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8/29/2016 11:36 AM

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The most brutal track with some of the best in the business. Relive the World Cup DH from MSA.

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Hey Thks Vital !!
I have to say Winsua's is really amazing in that paint job !
For those who ask me, i work as a designer in advertising agency, so i made myself all the wrapping "digicamo" stickers, syndicate font etc... It's about 30 hours of work , between the first...more

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Formula has launched a new line of mountain bike wheels dubbed Linea. The range features aluminum rims for 29-inch, 27.5-inch and 27.5+ tire options with both Boost or standard hub spacing and SRAM XD or Shimano driver availability.

Formula Linea 2 Wheelset

The Linea 2 wheelset is an XC/all-mountain wheelset that comes in 29- or 27.5-inch diameter. The hookless rimmed set weighs 1356g (27.5) with a 27mm width. The hubs use Formula's Wide Position Design (WPD) which increases the distance between the bearings for a more stable layout, minimizing the impact of flex and stress on the axle and bearings. The Full Contact Technology (FCT) protects the bearings from water and dirt and Formula's Easy Maintenance System (EMS) makes cleaning the hubs hassle-free.

Formula Linea 3 Wheelset

The Formula Linea 3 wheelset will meet the needs of enduro riders looking for a wider rim profile. The 30mm-wide rims are ready for modern, high-volume tires. The hubs feature WPD, FCT and EMS technologies, available in both Boost or standard hub spacing.

Formula Linea 4 Wheelset

Finally the Linea 4 wheelset is made specifically for 27.5+ tires. The wide hookless 40mm rim will fill out high-volume plus tires for maximum traction and performance. The Linea 4 wheels feature the same hubs as the Linea 2 and 3 sets, so they are stable, roll fast and provide easy maintenance.

Formula Linea Hubs

  • WPD - Wide Position Design - bearings are spread out to the outside of the axle which helps minimize the impact of axle flex, prolonging bearing life.
  • FCT - Full Contact Technology - All internal hub parts are in contact with the bearing creating a shield preventing dirt and water infiltration and reducing lateral bearing movement.
  • EMS - Easy Maintenance System - This system means hub mainetance hassle-free.
  • Available in Boost or standard hub widths with SRAM XD or Shimano drivers.

Pricing and Availability

The Formula Linea Wheels will be available September 2016. Front wheels will cost $550 USD with the rears running $615. will have all the info you need to get your hands on these new wheels.

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Vital Is Hiring: Ad Sales Rep Wanted
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8/26/2016 7:46 AM

Added a new video I'm Happiest When I'm Moving - Macky Franklin at Angel Fire 8/23/2016 9:38 AM

Wandering enduro ripper, Macky Franklin, reflects on life on the road and his need to move while blasting the trails of Angel Fire Bike Park.

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That's a heavy ass bike

Started new thread Eric Carter Back with Hyper Bikes 8/22/2016 11:32 AM

EC is back with Hyper. He worked with them years ago during his BMX race career, saw a brief time with them a few years ago when when they jumped into MTB and returns once focusing on marketing and product development.

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Updated photo album Whip Off World Champs Photo Blast 8/20/2016 4:27 PM

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Non-stop gnar at Whistler for the Canadian Open DH race with World Cup heavies and locals alike. If you've been to Whistler, you know how aggressive this terrain is. If you haven't, book a trip. The race streams live on Saturday on #longlivechainsaw

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I'm a fan of boost and both second and third are way above the winner. Upon closer examination I think Cooke is the clear winner.

Whip vs Whip - Crankworx Whistler
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8/18/2016 11:11 PM

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riders that i've heard confirmed are troy brosnan, mick hannah, connor fearon, graeme mudd, jack moir and josh button. because button and mudd top 10'd at cairns, they are instant selections. the others are based on world cup results from the rest of ... more »

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so we've heard that Sam Hill was NOT selected for the Aussie World Champs team. if it's out there on the internet already, please confirm. it's quite understood that there are rules and procedures in place for selecting the team riders and that Sam's

... more »