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One hot minute of pure shred and stoke with Reed Boggs at Highland Mountain. #steezer

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thats great news! the one brand specailized is actually scared of picked him up. go kurt!

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so here's a flipside to all the doom and gloom. it couldn't apply to everyone, but it's an interesting way of using interbike to advantage despite modern marketing and online access i spoke w/ one brand at the show and they actually waited to launch ... more ยป

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It's hard to believe that Remy Metailler has been blasting big booters and blowing our minds from the Whistler Bike Park for years now. The crazy thing is that his creative and ballsy gaps, triples and hucks-to-flat never seem to get old despite being shot in the most-filmed MTB location on the plaent. Remy truly has a knack for taking trails so many of us have ridden a hundred times and making us go, "uhhh, I would have never even looked at that!" Making the impossible possible and the unseen seen, Remy risks it for our entertainment once again!

Did you know that Remy won a Vital MTB Shreddy Award in 2014 and he answered our 17 Questions?

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There's 11 pages to go through, chief.

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Those seats have been around for years. A sales rep for the company stopped by a shop I used to work at, and much to my surprise the owner actually bought with pink fingers. The shop sold a lot of high end road bikes, usually built up from...more

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You know the nearer your destination, the more you're slip slidin' awaaayyy. Fun in the slick with e-bikes and the media squids at the EWS Valberg

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I hope you did not forgot:

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so sick!

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When Cam McCaul said he rode a Trek Stache 29+ at Ray's Indoor MTB Park and realized how much fun the quirky monster-truck-like bike was, we decided to put him and the bike to the test. Could a rider as good as Cam actually do things like 360 a 29+ bike? Tailwhip it? What if he used a set of stairs as a ramp? Could he drag bars on the pavement? Could he pass a downhiller on it at a bike park? Can it be manualed? The answers lie in our 29+ Challenge video.

Cam McCaul's personal Trek Stache in attack mode and dirt jump mode

Trailer hitch required.

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