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Bike of the Day May 29, 2016!

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Daily Shot May 28, 2016!

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Is this the way bikes will be made in the future? Robot Bike Co certainly think so, and whilst it is early days yet, we have to agree that the concept is sound. Robot Bike co was founded by a bunch of guys with lots of bike and high-level manufacturing ... more »

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Added a new video Fresh Face: Robert William | Commencal 5/28/2016 1:22 AM

At 22 years old, the superbly stylish William Robert is the latest signing to the Commencal family and if you're wondering why they signed him, well, just watch the video and you will see...

From Commencal:

This promising young man visited us recently in Andorra and we took the opportunity to appreciate his committed style and flow on the trails surrounding the Commencal office. His day-to-day routine involves a mix of riding and working for his father as part of the family business but perhaps one day, his dream is to compete at the legendary Red Bull Rampage. With hard work and this much raw talent, anything is surely possible!

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Bike of the Day May 28, 2016!

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Daily Shot May 27, 2016!

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Added a new video Soho Bikes TV Episode 03 - Which Bike And Wheel Size is Best? 5/27/2016 3:32 AM

Soho TV gathered a who’s who of UK downhill and enduro talent (and Rob Warner), and headed out of London to hit the trails at BikePark Wales to test the following:

- Is a downhill bike faster than a modern enduro bike on a UK downhill track?

- Which wheel size is faster down a UK downhill track; mid travel 29er, 27.5 or 27.5+?

-Can Rob still do a full run of Fifty Shades of Black?

We taped off the most technical downhill track at BikePark Wales and used Action Sport Timing’s race-timing system to gather data from the riders on their different bikes over multiple runs. The timing data showed which bikes were fastest…but the rider discussion and feedback showed that drawing definite conclusions isn’t actually that simple.

Expect some insightful results, provocative opinions and plenty of laughs in the most exciting episode of Soho Bikes TV yet!

What is Soho Bikes TV?

Soho Bikes TV is a unique mountain bike chat show presented by Rob Warner, filmed in front of a live audience and starring the world's best athletes and sports personalities. Rob's trademark humour and wit disarms guests and helps to delve into the stories behind the news.

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First Look: Troy Lee Designs D3 & A1 MIPS Helmets
(Feature Story)

5/27/2016 2:02 AM

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Bike of the Day May 27, 2016!

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Daily Shot May 26, 2016!

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Added a new video Slaying Skyline with Phil Atwill 5/26/2016 3:01 AM

Phil Atwill of Propain Dirt Zelvy taking his Rage to Skyline Queenstown for an absolute slaying!

Song: Agent Orange - Miserlou

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Added a new video Bali Styles with Kurt Sorge 5/26/2016 12:47 AM

After visiting Polygon's HQ and riding Mt. Bromo on East Java Mitch and I were off to the next island east, Bali. We were connected with the Bali Bike Park crew and excited to see what was in store. We arrived at The Chillhouse; who own and operate the bike park, and we were stoked! Located just a short scooter ride from the ocean, we were welcomed with amazing rooms with epic outdoor bathrooms, great food, great staff, travellers from all over the world and of course a chilled out atmosphere with pools, a yoga studio and a chill zone. Our plan was to ride the Bali Bike Park for a few days and then continue our search for some waves. But once arriving at the Chill House it was hard to leave, it was just too good!

The locals told us that during the wet season it would rain in the mountains at 2pm like clockwork. We woke up early and started the short commute to the mountains where the Bali Bike Park is. We arrived early to a quite area through a few small villages and loaded up the 2 land cruisers they had waiting to take us up the mountain. I was surprised with the amount of trails they had weaving through the jungle and we didn't stop shuttling until of course the downpour came.

The riding stoke was high as we headed back down to The Chillhouse where it was still nice and sunny with more than enough time in to fit in a sunset surf... not bad! Next on the hit list was Mt. Batur. We had heard there were open slopes to ride much like the ones we saw and were not allowed to ride at Mt. Bromo because of the eruption. The next day we set off inland for Mt. Batur to have our mind blown once again. A huge Volcano with ridable slopes within another super crater. We weaved down the inside of the super crater to the valley below where we would be hiking our bikes back up to the same elevation we had just driven down from on the inner Volcano, Mt. Batur. It was so cool to see how these volcanoes have shaped the landscape and we were able to find a few lines with great dirt in-between a lot of gnarly volcanic rock that was less than rideable when you got close. I couldn't believe how perfect some of the dirt was to ride and was so stoked to lay some carves down an actual volcano.

It was tough to say goodbye to this tropical paradise but I know I will be back! Big thanks to Polygon Bikes, Solos Productions, The Chillhouse, Frank and the rest of the Bali Bike Park crew for the hospitality!

Film by: Solos Productions

Images by: Solos Productions

Words by: Kurt Sorge

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Bike of the Day May 26, 2016!

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Added a new video Trippin - In other news…….. 5/26/2016 12:24 AM

In other news, the guys over at Trippin get their hands on the new Camelbak Skyline low slung pack and set out to test if it really does ''stick like glue!''.

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Daily Shot May 25, 2016!

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EXTREME Becomes Media Partner of FMB World Tour
(Press Release)

5/25/2016 10:27 AM

Added a new video North Carolina's Single Track Kingdom! Chasing Trail Ep. 2 - Neko Mulally 5/25/2016 9:54 AM

The Blue Ridge Region of the Great Smokey Mountains is home to several of the highest peaks on the east coast. Western North Carolina provides mountain bikers with substantial mountains, the ability to ride trail year around, as well as an overwhelming amount of supreme singletrack.

These trails are considered to be some of the greatest and most renowned in the country, but still have the feel of a local riding spot. I was drawn to the area and all it had to offer with the hope of sharpening my skills as a downhill racer.

"It’s exciting to live in a place where mountain biking is so prominent. During the year, the trails can range from muddy and slick to dry and dusty. With such a variety of terrain and conditions, riders are able to prepare for anything the race season can throw at them.”

-Neko Mulally, Gstaad-SCOTT Downhill Team

In addition to the volume of trails in the area, the terrain offers even the most advanced riders plenty of challenges. The tracks in Western North Carolina range from technical and rocky to groomed flow trails. The ability to ride year around is an appealing and convenient quality, especially for riders who would normally have to travel for offseason training. Unlike other year around riding destinations, this region offers almost every weather condition.

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Started new thread Loic Bruni Breaks Collarbone, Will Miss Several Races 5/25/2016 3:36 AM

We've just had a quick chat with Loic Bruni, and we're sad to report that he took a nasty crash while out on his enduro bike with Finn Iles and Loris Vergier, resulting in a concussion (accompanied by a brain lesion with some bleeding!) and ... more »

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Bike of the Day May 25, 2016!

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Daily Shot May 24, 2016!

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