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Bike of the Day July 23, 2016!

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Daily Shot July 22, 2016!

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Updated photo album 9 Sick Shots From Loosefest 2016 7/22/2016 8:25 AM

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Added a new video Loosefest Day Two: Big Trains and First Tricks 7/22/2016 6:53 AM

It's day two of Loosefest and everybody is getting more comfortable on these massive jumps. First tricks are being thrown and trains are getting started.

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Added a new video BANGERS TOUR 2016 - Episode 2 7/22/2016 6:30 AM

So here is Episode 2 of the BANGERS TOUR series and it's a good one!!

We hit up the Swatch Primeline event which was sick, then onto Area 47 for some crazy awesome activity's then to top it off we stop off at some dirt jumps in Austria owned by Peter Kaiser!! Hope you enjoy!!

MUSIC in Order: TAKE IT - Andrew Jesse Wilson OI OI - Dave Ruffy, Gary Tibbs DRIVIN' HARD - Andrew Duck Macdonald REGGAE HOLIDAY - Brian DEE BASK IN YOUR LOVE - Paul Emanuel NO FEAR - Paul Frazer AROUND WE GO - Derek Lewers

Shot 100% on GoPro

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We heard suspiciously little of the pit band...

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Bike of the Day July 22, 2016!

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Daily Shot July 21, 2016!

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What better way to unwind from a wet and dirty Crankworx Les Gets? A road trip with old friends!

Kyle & PEF understand that the secret of a good road trip depends on the buddies you chose to embark on the trip with and to ride with. A new cast was made up of Kyle Strait, Pierre-Edouard Ferry, videographer Leon Perrin and photographer JB Liautard. The choice of spots was easy. The EVO Bike Park and ‘Black Earth’ were obvious.

The ‘Black Earth’ landscape is a theatre of play, now almost part of mountain bike history, and it was time for Kyle to discover the Maritimes Alps with a very Southern French feel. Alongside this was the discovery of EVO Bike Park and meeting local riders resulted in story swapping and finding a hunting and fishing shop in Digne with a private clay pigeon shoot. Kyle loves shotguns, even if the recoil did cause some bruising…

The highlight of this trip was undoubtedly the sunrise at ‘Black Earth,’ it’s a legendary place. It was here where these two friends showed why they are and will remain examples of style and fluidity.

To complete the week, PEF invited the whole team for a good stopover in Lyon. Kyle discovered the gastronomy of a traditional Lyon sausage dish, ‘d’andouillettes’ and other pork dishes, all washed down with fine Côtes du Rhone wines. All just a few hours before taking the plane back...

Pictures by JB Liautard

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Bike of the Day July 21, 2016!

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Added a new video Norco Factory Racing 2016 World Tour - Episode 4 7/21/2016 12:59 AM

Episode 4 covers the Norco Factory Racing team through their time in-between races, Lenzerheide World Cup and La Thuile EWS. Also Harry as he goes on some adventures, learning to skateboard in Chamonix, climbing up to Bossons Glacier and hitting the Mendrisio pump track.

The team after a brief break head to Lenzerheide for the fifth round of the UCI DH World Cup. The track is quite a lot of bike park with one really tricky woods section, taking out a lot of riders! It was hard to put in a solid run as the fine layer of dust was causing everyone on the hill to come down feeling a little sloppy. With Sam feeling physically strong but struggling with that confidence to 'let it go' and really pull out a banger time, he rolls into 47th position. Fraser McGlone stepped up 13 positions from his qualifier to his final, steps in the right direction with the wee Scotsman still eager for that big finish. Harry is still riding at 80% strength, recovering from an AC separation earlier in the year. Although even with that he pushed through to have a strong practise session and also finishes up with the team's best result at Lenzerheide of 37th position. Feeling glad to get away from the weekend with no further injuries to any team members, they are ready and firing to Mont Saint Anne in a few weeks.

As the rest of the team head home, Sam then heads off for the Enduro World Series round in La Thuile. After a very strong finish in Argentina landing Sam on the podium, he was looking for that kind of glory again. With long, steep stages it certainly was Sam's kind of tracks, the sun was shining and all pistons were firing. After a mistake in stage 1, stopping before the finish line Sam lost quite a bit of time, causing a few expletives and a 19th position finish, it could have so easily been a top 10. Stage 2 Sam came down in 14th just 10 seconds back from top the top three over a seven and a half minute stage. Stage 3 was another 14th place, 4 21st. Then the trails got really steep and into Sam's favour, with him finishing 9th on stage 5. Stage 6 however got the better of Sam, with him having an over the bars crash setting him back on times but still finishing in an impressive 21st position leaving him 15th overall. What an exciting weekend of racing, floorless trails and hospitality, we just can't wait to go and hit Whistler now!

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Daily Shot July 20, 2016!

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Added a new video Team Chain Reaction Cycles PayPal: La Thuile Enduro World Series 7/20/2016 8:38 AM

Team CRC PayPal legend Sam Hill dominates on flat pedals in Italy! Team highlights and more, right here.

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Bike of the Day July 20, 2016!

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USA National Champ, Aaron Gwin's 1st place run at Mammoth Mountain for his 7th National USACycling title! #gwinner

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Daily Shot July 19, 2016!

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Added a new video Trackside 2016 National Champs Revolution Bike Park 7/19/2016 4:41 AM

All the British Cycling National Champs action from a slippery practice session at Revolution Bike Park.

Filmed by Luke Hough.

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Ask and you shall receive. French results added to original post.