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If only the cameraman in the right hander had a lens wipe.

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Quad god? Edit: It is at the top of the hill before you start gaining crazy speed into the finish. Probably still too much speed exiting the woods (triple) before coming into this feature. Seems like more time should be spent trying to get entry for ... more »

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"Jeff Bezos has two feet and two hands, but he isn’t a human being." Top notch. Maybe the toppest of all conceivable notches.

If I may offer a pared-down version of the answer (knowing full well that I am likely to be roasted and then have the charred flesh torn from my bones,) the suck comes from an...more

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My favorite loamy trail is Dirt Merchant.

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Maybe it's just a different link to extend travel?

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Nice build except for the obvious. Hey Sethius, because I don’t want you to die I can probably find a half used front tire in the garage that still has 2x the traction as that Ardent. I’d be happy to drop it in the mail gratis. And I ride an alu beauty too!

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In the places I've lived/live, the trails go up, then they go down. In other words, I climb for X-miles and then descend for Y-miles. I prefer the rowdy, I only go up so I can go down. I've always called it "riding" or "mountain biking." The only time I've "enduro" rode was in...more

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I agree with the Robot on pretty much all accounts. You'll burn through $2k in accessories before you can blink. I also support going with Simon at Fluidride - I had a 2-hour coaching lesson from him 8 years ago and to this day I use the techniques gained ... more »

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Forgive me for not wanting to google this idea but just to throw it out there..

I would never say I'm going "enduro riding", even though I'm on a Norco Sight with 8" rotors, DH/DD casing tires, pointing downhill and wearing a full face helmet. I'd say I'm going trail riding. If I put light ass XC tires and a half shell, I'm still going for a trail ride.

Is this just a cultural difference? Not only have I never said I'm enduroing, I've never heard a friend say that. I thought that enduro is an event not a type of riding. Again, I can obviously google this but am more curious about the thoughts from Vital. Probably should go to the forum but nah. :D

- guy that lives outside Seattle and has a plethora of gravity oriented trails to ride.

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I rebuilt my Lyrik last week after running it since April (installing the new Debonair kit). Fork lowers had what would be expected (10CCs) of oil in 'em. Definitely a good thing to check on, it's easy to do a lower service, but maybe not as pervasive ... more »

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Serious anti Francophile with that lever angle

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Canfield Jedi


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Holy ripping guys!! GIT SUM!!

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Adding to this question...

Brandon, can you draw any comparisons with the new Norco Sight? That's gotten a lot of praise, has a better cost point, although not nearly as sleek and refined as ANYTHING that Pivot delivers.

After having ridden Switchblades for the last 3 years, I'm in search of something with a bit more travel and forgiveness when things start getting out of hand. Racing the SB at the Silver Mountain NAEC was kind of the straw that broke the camel's back in me thinking I could continue to get away with a 135mm bike.

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Very similar numbers travel and Geo wise to the Ibis Ripmo.
How do the two compare?