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Dusty, rocky Whistler Bike Park conditions are what World Cup-level racers faced during practice on Friday at the Canadian Open. The race happens on Sunday with a massive crowd expected.

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Great Review format. Very informative.

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we just got a notification from our hosting company that our website is now too heavy to run hahaha

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i edited the article. you're totally right. it's hopkins that i was thinking of in life cycles...not to say vanderham has never blasted the crap out of a hip before.

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home depot racing is the future for sure. so is there really no foam that has a density to make a tire feel "normal enough" yet not require air? basically a foam-filled tire that can never flat? i know they exist for kids bikes and commuters, but i assume ... more »

Finn Iles Has Ridden A-Line "Well Over a Thousand Times"
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8/16/2018 12:12 PM

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since sven's down for a bit, maybe he can hide in popular whistler restaurants and eavesdrop on team negotiation discussions.

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brines, i just want to hear your theory on air vs. coil and flat tires. doing a QUICK cruise of richie's insta - - looks like he's been on an air shock since like june of 2017 until whistler this past weekend. ... more »

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the new red bull rider is revealed!!! sorry, i had to. it's team rumors after all and there's nothing worthy of talking about yet. i couldn't believe they sent me TLD fullface helmet w/ logo etc. it seems like a semenuk replica. it's for display only, ... more »

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I think the bigger question is what would prevent you from expertly building a bike, putting some packing on, placing it in a box and shipping it? So long as its packed properly what would cause the adjustments to not hold? Is it not impossible to...more

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Only $4,000 USD and shipped to your door. Jeff Brines receives his first-ever direct-to-consumer mountain bike in the form of a Canyon Torque. Is the build process as easy as everyone says? In fact, it may be easier. With the help of his dog, Tucker, Jeff gets rolling in just a few minutes. The Canyon Torque gets 175mm of rear travel, 180mm up front and runs 27.5-inch wheels. Stay tuned for his complete review on the Torque dropping this Friday.

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The Inside Line Podcast - Sean Griz McClendon
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8/15/2018 7:43 AM

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You know the nastiness you're about to witness. Semenuk's official etnies launch video with press release below:


August 14, 2018 (Lake Forest, CA) – With over 30 years of building high performance footwear rooted in skateboarding and action sports, etnies is excited to elevate the mountain bike footwear category with the most durable footwear and the sport’s biggest name.

With five Crankworx gold medals, over five million views from his captivating viral videos, and multiple freestyle world titles, Brandon Semenuk is a mountain biking prodigy. Inspired by BMX, his effortless arsenal of skill, style and influence transcends far beyond the mountain bike community.

As the pioneer he is, Semenuk wanted to work with etnies to revolutionize mountain bike footwear. "Back in 2011 I was battling with a lot of bad heal bruises,” says Semenuk. “I got a pair of etnies and they instantly gave me the support and protection I’ve been needing so I could finally ride comfortably again.”

In addition to support, protection and comfort, Brandon delivered a high performance shoe housed in a clean silhouette with hidden technology in his own signature model - the Jameson Mid CRANK - that drops in September. etnies’ full mountain bike collection will officially launch in spring 2019.

For more information and to receive updates, sign up at and follow @etnies on Instagram. The Jameson Mid CRANK will be available in September at and your local ride shop.

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Updated photo album PRO BIKE CHECK - Marco Osborne's Cannondale Jekyll 29 8/14/2018 12:08 PM

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Matt Hunter, Canadian freeride legend, sticks his head out of the bush momentarily for the dreaded 17!

The Questions

  1. On a scale of 1 to 10, how stressed are you when your boy tries something potentially risky on his bike?
  2. How old is he now?
  3. What’s the secret to getting a kid stoked on bikes?
  4. When was the last time you were in a helicopter taking you to the top of a mountain? Elaborate on the trip.
  5. Why did you only want to do 14 questions instead of 17?
  6. What’s the general response when you produce e-bike content? Are people dicks or are they cool?
  7. Are you forced to ride e-bikes by Specialized?
  8. What are your thoughts on riding and making videos or photos now compared to say, 10 years ago?
  9. Do you long for the good old days?
  10. Personally, what do you feel like is your greatest MTB accomplishment, regardless of views, reach etc?
  11. Have you ever actually been mad? If you say yes, we don’t believe it, so go in to detail about this impossible event.
  12. What was your first mountain bike?
  13. If you could have one bike for the rest of your life, what would you choose?
  14. How’s Hunter Honey and the whole agrarian / self-sustaining part of life going? You’re not messing around with some of your adventures lately!
  15. This is question 15, so hopefully you’re down to answer it. If bikes weren’t introduced to your life, what do you think you’d be doing right now?
  16. Pick one and explain why: Bow Hunting or Cliff Hucking?
  17. Wouldn’t you rather be bow hunting or cliff hucking instead of answering these dumb questions?

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Whistler Bike Park, host to one of the most taxing EWS races of the season, did not disappoint! Martin Maes and Cecile Ravanel took victories on the world-famous terrain!

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