B Practice Podcast - Off Season EP.1 27

Dakotah Norton, Jason Schroeder, and Tanner Stephens bring you the first off-season podcast of the year!

The leaves are falling, debates surrounding Rampage results are smoldering, and speculation about who is riding for what team fills the forums; it must be the off-season! Between Tanner shooting feature films, Dakotah building furniture, and myself making editorial plans for 2024, we found some time to record a fresh podcast riffing about bikes and racing.

With the 2024 UCI Schedule just released, we discuss the cause and effects of a mostly European-based series and the complications of having a U.S.-based World Cup or National Series. We also chat about what trail bike I should get next (open to recommendations in the comments), touch on some team rumors, debate if bikes should be designed for the world's fastest racers or the average rider, Dakotah's contracts, and the importance of ex-racers being involved with brands and bike development. Enjoy!

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