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Say it ain't so Sammy... Say it ain't so....

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$330 isn't pocket change but I don't think any of the Pike RCT3 owners ever expected their forks to still be cutting edge 5-6 years down the line.

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Update, I'd stuffed it into a corner at work and only thought i lost it. It was a long day. Thanks for the reply!

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Hey guys, So I had a dumb moment with my super 3 and left it on my bars after putting my bike on the rack.... has anyone replaced just the shell of their super 3? or does bell only sell it complete? I have contacted them, but its the weekend so im expecting ... more »

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I'm thinking that as well. That link looks huge and inside the frame. I'm not even sure this makes sense, but maybe it's possible they're working on the damper settings in the downbtube and using a dummy shock as the spring to swap spring rates quickly? ... more »

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I already posted this one before, but again, Exhibit A

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Can confirm

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Why is it, that riding in the UK always looks enjoyable as hell. All the time. If I tried that here in Alberta I'd have broken ribs

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Can we rewind back to what this is?

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The return of the legend......

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at the press launch today i was told that because DVO doesn't have any XC-specific products and had no plans to develop any, that was the main decision behind the switch. the DH/enduro crew was stoked on the DVO stuff and just learned about the switch a week or so ago.

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Scary, glad to hear she's relatively ok.

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Weird, it must have been the sales guys not knowing about it, I know the head tech in the shop and he's one of the best mechanics I know. Sugarloaf isn't super technical except L'acadian, which interestingly enough was build by a guy shortly after a ... more »

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Likely being the only person on vital who: -Has ridden Sugarloaf bike park extensively -Is from New Brunswick and knows most trail centers well -Has sold/supported every brand your looking at including Ghost so far except Felt. -Is a suspension tech ... more »

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Having worked with Ghost for quite some time, I don't think the Kato is a good option if you're looking to push into a more advanced mountain bike. It may be better for a year but you'll quickly out grow it, it's a great first mtb. As mentioned above, ... more »

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Really enjoyed that. I remember being 14 and seeing avalanche equipped spooky's all over the internet and drooling. Also the proto when Frank released it and waiting for more info to drop. I waited for a year and nothing, it was so sad for it not to happen. It's like the silencer. I'd be interested to hear more about what he touched on with the patent issues he had. First about his name not being on it and then having to buy it back.

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