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Another point of view on the Vee thing for Gwin - most everyone knows what the Maxxis tires are like performance-wise and have access to them, even if it requires a Sharpie. But if Gwin can work with a different supplier to develop something better, ... more »

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A rider builds an epic trail, rides the shit out of it and you bitch about a sticker on his frame. piss off kook.

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Good animation of the Sixfinity action on the Yeti site: Easy to see what the link does, very similar in concept to what their pedal only bikes do.

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I know that another brand with an on-going strong multi-year world cup presence sell under 800 of their DH bikes a year globally. It's not a big category of business. They spend the $$ on the program as they believe it helps their brand and keeps the ... more »

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And then for an encore I touched the brake rotor with my bare hand and laid the bike down on the drive side. The horror!

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What your color-anodized parts look like to ROBOT eyes:

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He stepping up to E13 and Orange Seal?

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"I'm f@cking in, you're f@cking out."
Kenny Powers

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So half a star between best and worst. What a waste of time.

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or just buy a Patagonia Houdini jacket for $25.00 cheaper that packs just as small and is wind and water resistant. Oh and it goes to a company that does A LOT to preserve our natural resources.

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Vital should consider ditching the star ratings. Of the fifty bikes Vital has recently reviewed, 46 were 4s or 4.5s (2 5s and 2 3.5s). Yeah, I know, modern bikes are really good. But telling us the vast majority are either "excellent" or "outstanding" isn't helpful, and it makes the ones...more

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better braking with the DHR2 than DHF. Same side knobs.

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There are quite a few people who swear by running them reversed.

Added a comment about feature The Inside Line: Frank The Welder 2/13/2019 1:57 PM

I sold and raced a bunch of Spooky bikes (Junebug and Darkside) back in the 90's. Pure East Coast geo, twitchy, but fast as hell. Still have a bunch of Spooky stickers in a shoe box somewhere.

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Nice review Matt, glad to see you contributing to VitalMTB!

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