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Narrow for most wheels?
I have a feeling that history will look back on the trend for super wide rims in the same way that the short lived trend for super low front ends a couple of years ago was. That being...more

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For sure SRAM is going 20mm. But 20x110mm Boost. Sooooo... just need a rotor adaptator to use good ol' big hubs. 15mm was an heresy... BUT now we "have" to change all our components.

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This is no.1 Bullsh!t

I am gutted Vital so whole heartedly support Rude. You are the best website, but I think your route with this is misguided.

I am also stunned at some of the thoughtless pro's that have come out in support. You are also off the Christmas card list.


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no horst on banshee and banshee is just a karpeil or cortina

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Just waiting for a top guy coming with a pair of 26" and finishing on the podium with a 97.5, a 29er and a 27.5. Or a 7.56 (don't know how to name it). "Hello, 27,5, 29 and Boost are engineering-wise great (and with current wheelbases it looks better ... more »

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Yes, because it's well-known that there are only US/CA viewers (not even sure if ESPN is broadcasted in Canada...) for MTB World Cup. It'd certainly work for USA but that's it. RedBull has the rights on a whoping lot of (great to me) sports, they earn ... more »

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New sponsors to come : Kleenex. And Axxios (for the BS speech, you know).

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3 reasons. 1. because 97.5 is a radio station. B. "reverse mullet" is breaking our community apart and we need to come together. III. beavis and butthead would laugh at 69er. if we need to go to court over it, our lawyers said that the "6" could come from "650b" and we'd probably have the case thrown...more

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Don’t care just wanna seem him beat Maes.

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You're missing Hutchinson (with their Griffus) and Schwalbe. Don't know in which size they offer their tires, but they have skinwall ones.

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All I can say is thank god Enduro racing has become popular over the years and that I need top fitness to be competitive. If DH was still my primary way to get my gravity racing fix, I would have likely bought an electric assist bike like this for the "built-in shuttle" benefit.

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My guess is the buttons are for the freewheel disengagement they worked on few (or last ?) seasons ago. Maybe I'm wrong and that's a sort of lockout for suspensions.

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Are those geo numbers with or without fork sag? It matters on a hardtail...

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Nowadays it seems that 3000£ is affordable (read it on any MTB website...), soooo...

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New record, that was TWO posts above.

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About Mondraker : "Also new for 2019 is a restructured co-factory team with Eleonora Farina, Thibault Laly and Brage Vestavik on board. "

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Nothing to see here, just Rachel trolling us (it's the bike of a friend of hers, not sure if it's grammaticaly correct but hope you understand it) ?

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And that style on the bike ?

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175cm, size L + 4mm of reach (don't see where a reach adjuster could be of +/- 21mm but okay. Maybe Reece speeks "reach at the bar" and uses a angleset). Looks like a limo on the paper, BUT the Session is freakingly short (436mm of reach for 619mm of ... more »