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The average high end bike is not an impulse buy and I can’t imagine this affecting the normal market much but there are some people who impulsively buy bikes and I’m sure specialized realized they were missing out on that market

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I think there would be too many variables to pass off too much decision making to a computer beyond using digital controls to better control mechanical functions, but I certainly foresee a day where a rider is shifting suspension tunes on the same interface ... more »

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Those are the type of trails I wish I could build

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Plenty of Enduro series have long transfers. Many have no lift access what so ever. This is clearly meant to be more of a fun get together with a quality clocking system than a full on competitive race series. I rarely plan vacations around races as the payout is usually lower than planning vacations around riding. As someone who likes going fast against a clock, this seems like best of both worlds. I doubt they'd stop you from pedaling up the access road if you wanted to.

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He accepted the results because they were undeniable. He also was also adamant about not being a cheater, that he unknowingly took the banned substances in extremely low quantities, and that the products he used are far more equivalent to a cup of coffee ... more »

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I imagine brands also want feed back from the major Aus/NZ dealers. So to send prototypes thru those distribution chains to equally useful test riders makes a whole lot of sense.

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I think it's likely they all took a substantial paycut in salary, I imagine the partnership is mostly based on them doing the riding and advertising and Robot building the bikes. However they still have large contracts with their parts suppliers as well ... more »

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Dak signed with Devenci last year so I imagine he has 1-2 years left on his contract.

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Either an insider or a resourceful guy with a great memory.

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Charlie Hatton and Charlie Harrison are different people

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Didn’t see that coming but kinda stoked that it did

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Likely a poster from his trek days. Prob don’t mean much.

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Brendog probably has 3 complete bikes, 2-3 extra frames, and 2 dozen wheels from last year. I’m sure Scott has no problem with him donating one to charity

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Most marketable DHiller then.

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My only problem with Giant is their aluminum F/S bikes don't look cool. The Carbon ones on the other hand look as good as they perform.

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Kade is a while from getting onto a podium in elites. Probably closer to a Rampage invite based on his skills and aspirations. So his time on a race first program like Athertons is probably limited. Brendog and Kade teaming up for videoparts, events, ... more »

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Luca Shaw and Jolanda Neff going to be competing XC on a tandem bike Red Bull dropping all lines of energy drink and is becoming a Kambucha company Neko hosting a WC in Tennessee with Motel 6 and a bunch of puppies as a sponsor Wade Simmons is coming ... more »

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For the bike park enduro riders sure. But definitely not worth it for ews guys or enduros on flatter and more pedaly trail systems.

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Only time I don't wear a helmet is biking on bike paths. I used to not always wear one when I ride on the road but then a car hit me and I rung my bell way too hard.

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More travel really doesn't reduce the load into the ground. Biggest issue with tires is they generally take the load before the suspension starts working. If you ride a bike straight into a curb, sure you are less likely to go otb with more travel, but ... more »