UPDATE: Confirmed! The fork is called the RS-1 and is indeed a cross-country mountain bike fork. Check out some images of the real deal below. Because the fork seems to include a front hub, we're inclined to think that RockShox/SRAM may be drumming up another new front hub size - possibly 15x110mm. Specs are being held until an embargo passes in April, so stay tuned for more details.

Back in 1989, Paul Turner and Steve Simons introduced the world to the RockShox RS-1 - the first suspension fork for mountain bikes. The original RS-1 had just 49mm of travel, but even so the thought of using suspension bewildered most riders. Greg Herbold went on to win the first Downhill World Championship aboard the fork in 1990, and Ned Overend captured the XC World Champs title the same year.

Following their big wins, mountain biking changed. As radical as it may have seemed at the time, the MTB world grew to love suspension. Rear suspension designs soon followed and things have continued to evolve to this day.

RockShox says they're ready to change everything once again...

Over the past few days RockShox has quietly been releasing teaser images of the new fork on Facebook, which we've pieced together for a bit of a sneak peek.

From what we can tell, the new RS-1 is an inverted cross-country fork. RockShox already has an impressive offering with the SID, but this new design looks to offer a much lighter package. A single piece carbon steerer/crown/upper leg assembly could bring the weight down drastically over traditional casted designs. We anticipate seeing a remote lockout as well, which may route through the top of the right fork leg.

Stay tuned for official details. In the meantime, think about how far technology has come since the original RS-1...

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