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they used to race for Commencal back in the day but why Athertons tagged again now? #romurs View this post on Instagram I’ve got this number before you @amaurypierron4 @thibautdaprela @myriam_nicole @annecarochausson @nicolasvouilloz @fabienbarel @rachelatherton @geeatherton @commencalbikes @commencal_vallnord @vallnord @commencalmediateam @cyril_despres Good night A post shared by Max COMMENCAL(@maxcommencal) on Sep 21, 2018 at 9:48am PDT

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you look boring

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"It will have 512mm of reach, a 59 degree headangle and 1400mm wheelbase. In size M. and it won't be made from oceanfill stuff"

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first of all heat maps suck for mtb cause like "hey look where all the trails are come tear them down". BUT ALSO what is going on out there in the water in the second post is there like a mermaid brothel that all the SUPers go to or what?

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What's this mean?

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everybody wearing there sisters pants though. skinsuit police needs to raid a world cup one of these days

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Yeah and then he tries to play it down in that interview like we should all get a life and just ride our bikes and not worry about 29ers in DH but it's basically like somebody just put a bigger engine in their race car and now WE SHOULDN'T WORRY ABOUT ... more »

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Skip? You don't skip SHIT at Rampage!

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he probably landed on a garden gnome that some englishman left out there. their always doing that

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seriously man, you read all that into that? sounds more like Your the one who wants to talk about how great he is. how else should Martin write about his friend other then through his eyes?