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Open has been USAC sanctioned since Clay brought it back.

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Something that I think gets lost in the discussion is this: the majority of people who buy mountain bikes suck at riding, ride somewhere boring, or both. It's all cool if a 1280mm wheelbase and 64 head angle works for me, someone who used to be fast, but that same...more

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We had a proper day on track today. Can’t wait for Snowshoe 2021.
America loaded up their vans en masse yesterday morning and made the trip.
The noise in the key spectator zones was literally disorienting.

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The Force works on bikes too smile

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The alloy GX build is the best-value buy on the market right now. $1200 get's you a whole lot of bang for your buck - you're buying tech, not hype.

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Anyone else things a "Prototype" paint job as an actual consumer option would be hilariously cool? Do it as a water-transfer, so each one is a bit different... Also, those beasts look ready for full sending, Spesh is on one for 2020.

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Ah fair enough. I have similar issues with declaring all the world cups I've won

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3 reasons. 1. because 97.5 is a radio station. B. "reverse mullet" is breaking our community apart and we need to come together. III. beavis and butthead would laugh at 69er. if we need to go to court over it, our lawyers said that the "6" could come from "650b" and we'd probably have the case thrown...more

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That's Sandra Rubesam's bike. She's the former German Nat'l champ and a total sender, she's a wicked rider.

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I'm glad that powertools are the prize. That's a good tongue-in-cheek move. I am more interested in the yet-to-be-annouced-but-someone-has-to-talking-about-it Unlimited Class a.k.a. Group B MTB. That's where things will get exciting..

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... one job to do! ??‍♂️

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That thing looks like shit around the waist. He should really get it tailored. Looks like a sail.

Privateer Perspective: Dylan Conte
Privateer Perspective: Dylan Conte
(Feature Story)

4/5/2019 10:32 AM

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The LOLZ ROLFCOPTER has landed. French v. Swiss - "It's a bold strategy Cotton. Let's see if it pays off for him." Good stuff. I propose a duel. No matter the result, no one loses, as the FIM and UCI are equally hated by those who have to endure their ... more »

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SS DH is highly underrated, provided your tracks aren't too flat and/or your local race series has a proper start ramp. If the Sturn is a little pricey, but you're keen to give it a whirl, here's your answer. or the more expensive German-made option)

This is what I managed to set ... more »
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Constructive. Glad the idea of getting people (who are restricted by age or health) on bikes with their friends/family causes you to feel ill. Thanks for joining the discussion.

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Nothing ground breaking, but a good tip for this season, as it sounds like it might be a wet year out there on the hill. Really puts the "Ass" in Assegai...

Also, further evidence of just how muddy Windrock was, if you didn't already know.
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Thanks for the shoutout! I was the pro girl who came in 5th so I'll share a bit about myself smile I am new to mountain biking and especially Downhill so I was pumped to land on the podium at this race. In the last year I moved from Iowa to Utah, bought my first real...more