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Introducing Revel Bikes
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Honestly, in your price range, I think you'd be best off purchasing a gently used 1-2 year old bike. I think you'll get much more life out of the components. Here's a really good, gently used option near you. Act fast on that one... Alternatively, I'd look at getting a more ... more »

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So good, Joe! Loose stem

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I wonder if they look good on a DAD-BOD...

What's Inside the FOX GRIP2 Damper? FOX Explains
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2/21/2019 1:08 PM

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Are these the two bikes? http://2016.konaworld.com/process_134.cfm https://www.specialized.com/us/en/mens-camber-27-5/p/128950

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Added a new video Brendan Howey Mobbing on the Commencal Clash 2/19/2019 11:26 AM

Like any good west coast rider, Brendan Howey spent the winter building a banger section of trail. Check it out as he tests out the new Commencal Clash.

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Powell just ripping!

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These guys built me a set of wheels for my DH bike last year. I really appreciated the ride quality and never experienced any instances of failure. Wheels lasted me all year, on a downhill bike, with LOTS of miles on them. They'll move over to my bike for this year too. Impressive stuff....more

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I've had this stand since 2010 and it's still going strong and hasn't developed any wobble at all. Fully recommended.

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lol, so much UPPERCASE hostility.
Check your CLAMPS first. Perhaps add PROTECTION.
Clamp AWAY.

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I have been using this stem in a 40mm length on my 2018 transition Scout for the entire 2018 season. It is very stiff and light, but takes a little more time to install and remove handle bars. In addition I had to rough up the anodizing and use carbon grip gel to to keep my...more

Added reply in a thread Help! Tips for riding stops BC and Rockies. 2/15/2019 8:22 PM

Vital also has several guides to BC riding. Check them out here: https://www.vitalmtb.com/tags/rad_rides_eats_more_vital_feature

Added a new video Full Send: Unior/Devinci Welcomes Kirk McDowall 2/15/2019 12:51 PM

The first Canadian rider to join Unior/Devinci Factory Racing is Kirk McDowall. This speedy Canuck will ride alongside Dakotah Norton and Jure Zabjek on this year’s World Cup DH circuit. Head over to www.devinci.com for the full story.

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Revelstoke has a bunch of great riding. Pemberton is north of Whistler and has a totally different, rockier and looser feel. Kamloops is great as well. You'd likely really enjoy this area and nearby Sun Peaks Resort given your preference for fast trails. ... more »

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Insta gold indeed. Creative, funny, and on point.

Added a new video Graham Agassiz Introduces the Limited Edition Evil Insurgent LB Park 2/9/2019 10:44 AM

Heck yes! Evil's dual-crown destroyers are officially a thing. Learn a bit about the 151/180mm Insurgent LB Park from Aggy, and know that there's a 161/180mm Wreckoning LB Park 29er as well.

Hit up www.evil-bikes.com for more details.

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Added a new video To the Moon! Blasting the 2019 Darkfest Course 2/9/2019 10:16 AM

Darkfest 2019 is well underway and the riders are CHARGING! Brendan Fairclough and Clemens Kaudela are your pilots for the GoPro Course Preview.

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