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UK-based Deviate Cycles is proud to unleash The Guide, a 160mm travel enduro bike built around the fully-sealed Pinion C-Line gearbox. The brand sings the praises of the gearbox and its 600% gear range, low and centralized mass, improved ground clearance, and less sprung weight for improved suspension performance. At under 33-pounds (15.0kg) this bike is among the lightest full-suspension gearbox bikes available. The frame uses a high pivot point for a rearward axle path and an idler for zero chain growth.


  • Full high modulus carbon fibre construction
  • 27.5″ (650b) wheel size
  • 160mm of rear wheel travel
  • Frame weight (size medium): 2782g | 12 Speed C-line Gearbox: 2100g
  • Supplied with highly tunable Cane Creek DBAir CS or DBAir Inline shock
  • Metric shock (210x55mm)
  • Pinion gearbox drivetrain (12 speed C-Line with Magnesium casing)
  • Integrated (and replaceable) chain tensioning system
  • Integrated (and replaceable) bash guard
  • Full internal cable routing
  • 31.6mm seatpost with internal cable routing
  • Enduro double row, angular contact, max fill bearings on all pivots
  • Twin lip wiper seals for all suspension pivots
  • Bonded rubber protection from rock strikes and chain slap
  • 2.7-inch tire clearance


Explaining the Deviate Guide


The Deviate Guide is available in two complete build kits priced at £5699 and £5799 or as a £3399 frame/shock/gearbox combo for custom projects. Learn more at

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Hall of Fame worthy edit, Thanks for this, will definitely watch this every time i feel down and needs motivation, Just the pure and real joy of riding bike!

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Absolutely awesome! This video is why I still ride bikes as an adult. I get the same feeling riding at age 48 as I did sending my team murry from jc penny back in 1978. Props to Kathy for hanging on to this footage for all these years. Cheers!

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Dear Bernard Kerr, never stop

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Good stuff, TamiJean! Nice job putting yourself out there. We welcome you to share your review in our Product Guide, where it may get more attention.

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Helicopter up, freeride down with Andreu and Lluis Lacondeguy as they get lost in Andorra's stunning mountains.

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High and Low Speed Rebound Adjustments - Episode 21 This week in the Vorsprung workshop, we take a look at how HSR and LSR adjustments work, how they interact and suggest some tuning methods to help you get the best out of your damper. Quite notable

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Ride the shore they said. It'll be fun they said. Have a good laugh with the always entertaining crew from IFHT films.

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Does the shredding stop when the lifts do? Not for the ultra-stylish Mike Giese.

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Now that riders have the opportunity to become intimately acquainted with how they ride during the offseason, there's no question that DH 29ers will have an impact on the results. All it takes is a thousandth of a second. Many of the teams that rushed ... more »

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Keegan Wright is fresh off a status quo-wrecking 2017 season, piling on the enduro podiums and turning plenty of necks by winning the New Zealand Elite Downhill National Championship against a stacked lineup of World Cup movers and shakers. Here, Keegan faces off against some equally formidable characters—a pack of fierce Maori warriors. 

The Maori's spear-wielding Wero challenge marks the beginning of a ceremonial Powhiri greeting. Passing the test means a ticket to ride. It’s a blessing this New Zealand native puts to good use across Rotorua’s raw, rugged trail systems.

This multipart series has Keegan test-driving his new Devinci Spartan across a few favorite trails while showing you some of New Zealand’s best riding terrain.

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Looking at our suspension analysis (now above), it's clear this bike will ride best for most with an air shock.

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It's slightly progressive, actually. We added a suspension analysis to this feature after it went live.

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SRAM says it for a reason, although I imagine lighter riders can rock the XX1 stuff on their big rigs without an issue. This is from the Eagle intro feature Vital did. The image is of the hollow XX1 crank.

Crankset Updates SRAM will initially offer Eagle in XX1 and ... more »
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Please try your upload again for the fastest solution. It's very rare, but once in a while video processing gets hung up.

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Hi Josef, I see your video in the backend and will have our techs take a look soon. Apologies for the delay.

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For those that are lost on this whole concept of "reach," this article is helpful: Modern Mountain Bike Geometry Defined - Transition Explains Effective Top Tube Versus Reach

Having had the opportunity to ride several bikes back-to-back in different sizes but with the same trim, I feel like I can weigh in on this pretty well. ... more »
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British Columbia's Sunshine Coast is pretty tough to beat. Luckily there's always hero dirt to be found somewhere. You just have to chase it!