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Here's an interesting feature on Steve Peat's continued involvement and changing role within the Santa Cruz Syndicate:

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Watch as brothers Ed and Wyn Masters power up their riding in Queenstown, New Zealand. Bikes have been a part of their lives from the very beginning. The dirt jumps the brothers built in their New Plymouth, New Zealand backyard served as an incubator for their now-successful careers in downhill and enduro mountain bike racing. It was also where their ever-competitive sibling rivalry sprouted into a life-long journey of heckling, one-upmanship and occasional trips to the emergency room.

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Depending on the class of e-bike the motor will cut out at a predetermined speed. I can't speak to resistance in the motor when off, but you'd have to propel all that added weight at the very least.

The Pro’s Closet and REI Want to Buy Your Bike
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Chris Akrigg takes it off the beaten track, away from the masses to where he likes to be: In The Rough.

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"On November 8, 2018, at 2:24pm, the Woolsey fire broke out near Simi Valley, California that would become one of the largest fires in Los Angeles County history. At 5:15am, the fire crossed the 101 freeway and burned towards Malibu, California waking up residents with a thick plume of black smoke. While the majority evacuated, some residents stayed behind and defended their homes. Many were successful, and I was fortunate enough to be one of those people with the help of my two friends. We owe our gratitude to the firefighters and everyone who stayed behind to protect anything they could. Out of the ashes, however, came the rare chance to explore terrain that I had never seen. Old, overgrown roads became open again, and trails long gone could once again be used. It was a short window before the winter rains brought re-growth, but from the ashes came a unique opportunity. This is Woolsey, through my eyes." - Marshall Mullen

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To be fair, @Stiksandstones have us the first look with his BoD. Awesome to see these hit the market.

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Back to Maribor, this video from sheds some light on Phil Atwill's process and some behind the scenes bits: Full immersion, focus, involvement, and enjoyment of a process. In essence, flow is characterized by complete absorption in what one ... more »

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Cody Kelley is easily one of the fastest, and most stylish, people we know on a bike and is one awesome human being on top of that. We were absolutely thrilled when he said he would be able to take a break from his busy Enduro World Series schedule to come visit us in the Pacific Northwest.

After spending the first day of his trip to Seattle filming with Jeff Kendall-Weed, we drove up to Bellingham, WA so he could ride some of their famous dirt. The weather was classicly PNW-esque, but Cody didn't let the rain and slick dirt slow him down.

The second day of filming was spent on Orcas Island's downhill trails on Mount Constitution, which is part of Moran State Park. With stacked berms, lots of big hits, and some of the most beautiful forests the PNW has to offer, Orcas Island's trails always deliver the goods! - PNW Components

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Three incredible places to mountain bike and a skilled rider take center stage in this high-quality production. The goods! This part of the States is truly awesome in spring or fall. Trails ridden include The Ribbon, Porcupine Rim, and 18 Road.

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Paul Basagoitia's Story Comes to Film in 'Any One Of Us'
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Trickstuff has made one for a while, with guys like Sam Pilgrim using it. Unfortunately, it looks as though they've discontinued it. They do plan to release a new version in summer 2019 according to their website.

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Between the Races with Amaury Pierron We spent some time with Amaury Pierron at his home #BetweenTheRaces to find out what the DH World Cup 2018 Champion does on and off the bike. Amaury takes us behind the scenes of his hometown in Brioud, France, to ... more »

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I remember last year at whip off whistler, riding my e-bike and Jordy was throwing some hate my way... Times have changed haha

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This 100% matches with my experience. I'm now running Huck up front and Cushcore in the back, and I'm very happy with the mix of rim protection and burp protection.