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@Losifer, we actually already list those measurements (as well as bottom of collar to base of post) in the fitment guide under support on our website. Too bad there's not a standard (if those even exist) for which measurements manufactures list to help streamline fitment!

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Good stuff. Got to meet Jeff and hang out a bit at the Sedona MTB Festival this spring. Guy is so genuinely stoked on mountain biking and just one of the nicest, accommodating pros out there. Plays a mean game of foot-down too!

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Probably the best review I have read on the Taniwha and I'd agree with all points raised. Rowdy terrain is 100% required for this to shine and its best in a long climb, long downhill scenario. Its an absolute beast downhill but a little bit of a chore on flat...more

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Yeah, great review. Love the video with the detailed info as well.

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The boys at spotted Koas Seagrave on a 29-inch Transition DH bike:

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Yes, as long as the new username isn't already taken, no problem at all. Please PM me what you would like your new name to be. Thanks.

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Everyone prepares for the onset of winter in different ways. For Yeti/Fox Factory rider Shawn Neer, it means making his annual pilgrimage to the great white north for one final rip on the high alpine trails. After a long season of racing, it's a chance to reset and reconnect with the terrain that shaped him as a rider. Inevitably snow will cover the land and Shawn will be forced home to the pain cave of off-season training, but racing against time for one last taste of singletrack feels like a victory. These uninhibited riding trips are part of balancing the structured life on the race circuit and make up the dream that is the life of a professional racer.

Presented by: Yeti Cycles //

Director: Craig Grant
Co-Director: Joey Schusler
Cinematography: Joey Schusler & Craig Grant
Editor: Craig Grant
Sound Design: Keith White Audio
Sound Mix: Scotty Beam, Cleod9 Music
Music Composition: Cleod9 Music
Motion Graphics: Good Fortune Collective

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Senate Public Lands Subcommittee Chairman Mike Lee (R–Utah) just reintroduced a version of his 2016 Human-Powered Travel in Wilderness Areas Act. It's similar to Tom McClintock's (R–Calif.), and puts the matter in front of both houses of Congress. This ... more »

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You're right. There are a ton of to take weight off of this build. Several Vital members have Taniwha's in the 32-pound (14.5kg) range.

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Unfortunately the gimbal is in for repair. Turns out they're only up for about six months of use on rough trails, so there's no footage of this descent. It's chunky. The lower portion best described by Nate Hills as "pure violence." You'd love it.

Shades are Smith's Pivlock V2 glasses. Dig 'em. Easy to swap lenses.

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Watch as 50to01 pinners Max and Loose get stuck into a berm blasting session. Conditions were prime!

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Entertaining as always. Catch up with Finn and get a behind the scenes look at the life of an up and coming World Cup downhiller.

Welcome to my first vlog ever! I've always got a ton of time to kill during the winter when I can't bike, so I stay busy with all kinds activities either at home in Whistler or on the road. Check out a glimpse from a few days of my offseason... from the mountain, to the beach, to the Tim Horton's drive-thru line.

Stay tuned for vlog content all summer long as I travel the world while competing on the UCI Downhill Circuit!

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Nice job guys. Best one yet!