New Rider, Sponsors and Budgets - FRAMEWORKS 2024 Inside Line Podcast 19

Neko Mulally remains transparent as a new downhill season begins.

In a sea of slashed budgets, folding teams and riders struggling to find a way to race downhill mountain bikes in 2024, Neko Mulally has expanded his Frameworks team with the addition of Spanish rider, Angel Suarez for 2024. In this Inside Line MTB podcast, we ask Neko how he was able to expand his team, increase budget and roll into the season with two podium contenders - Angel in Elites and first-year Junior, Asa Vermette. Neko candidly talks budget, bike development, the future of Frameworks and what the UCI Downhill Mountain Bike World Cup may look like.




Interview Contents

  • 0:00 - Intro, Angel Suarez on Frameworks
  • 5:45 - UNNO to Frameworks, Already a FOX Rider
  • 9:39 - Sponsor Changes, Wheels and Tires
  • 13:09 - Neko, Asa and Angel are the Same Height - Intentional?
  • 18:20 - Increased Team Size, Not Budget Cuts. How?
  • 21:24 - Frameworks with a GEARBOX?!
  • 24:38 - Why Aren't Other Brands as Transparent as Frameworks?
  • 28:15 - Outside Industry Sponsors?
  • 29:34 - What is Frameworks' Budget?
  • 34:15 - Aaron Gwin and Frameworks?
  • 35:39 - What's Frameworks' 5-Year Plan?
  • 39:42 - Did Neko Start Frameworks to Extend His Racing Career?
  • 43:45 - Success with Berm Peak Video on Frameworks
  • 47:36 - Why Are Frames Raw and Not Painted?
  • 49:09 - Biggest Single Surprise During Bike Development?
  • 51:07 - Anti-Rise Experiences and Setup
  • 54:52 - Any Insight into 2024 World Cup Race Format?

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Official Press Release from Frameworks

2024 Frameworks Racing team from L to R: Asa Vermette (Junior), Neko Mulally, Angel Suarez

January 16, 2023 (USA) Frameworks Racing welcomes Asa Vermette and Angel Suarez who will join Neko Mulally for the 2024 season. The team will compete in the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup Series and World Championships, Monster Energy Pro Downhill Series, and

Downhill Southeast Events. All three riders will race aboard the Frameworks DH bike developed over the past two seasons by Neko and Asa.

17-year-old Asa Vermette from Durango, Colorado is one of the top prospects coming into the junior category this year. With an outstanding resume of domestic results, we can’t wait to see what he can do on the world stage. Asa is contracted with Frameworks through 2025, including both seasons in the Junior Category.

28-year-old Angel Suarez from Vigo, Spain has put in several World Cup podium rides over the past few seasons and is a huge asset to the team. Angel has a wealth of knowledge in bike setup for racing and is off to a great start with testing this year.

Team Owner Neko Mulally says: “I’m so proud of the way my Frameworks project has grown from a grassroots effort to the roster and staff we have this season. Both Asa and Angel are incredibly talented riders who are as much a pleasure to work with as they are to watch ride a bike. I believe that our race bike will be one of the most competitive this season and the sponsors we partnered with align with our vision for performance. I pioneered this program over the past two years, from bike development to team structure and partnerships, and I’m excited to see these guys take all that hard work to the next level.”

Martin Whiteley joins Frameworks as the team manager and will bring on board the structure that he was able to implement into the successful programs he’s run in the past. Head Mechanic Anxo Perez has been a huge part of the development process of the bike since day one and will continue to lead this process moving forward.


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