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Added a comment to cragsman's bike check 12/15/2020 5:17 AM
Commencal Absolut SX custom RAW

Uhhhhhhh. FAT!!
Can it be coiled?

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Added a comment about video Best MTB Gear of 2020 - Vital MTB Staff Picks 11/6/2020 3:13 AM

So much boring shit
No custom-geo, long travel hardtail mullet titanium gearbox bikes? (Nordest cycles btw)
No TRP 2.3mm rotor brakes? Ebike/DH inspired.
No DVO onyx love? There’s a coil for first 30% of the ebike single crown version has 45% more bushing height than a fox 36..DVO is wayyyy ahead of the game.
No Ochain love? The spider attachments that dramatically reduces pedal kickback on your bike...? (Won world cups this year)
No RXR R-Pro air-inflated chest/spine guards? If you slam hard enough the guard will actually ‘blow off’ and act as a crumple zone...intelligent. Refined.
No mention of the Vorsprung smashpot coil insert *with* hydraulic bottom out for fox/RS forks? Or the Vorsprung secus air chamber+ attachment?
No love for cascade components and all the aftermarket kinematic improvements they’ve made for a litany of bike brands..?
No love for the dual crown fox 36 Morc36 (developed by Chris porter)..?

The new Canfield 29/mullet downhill bike how it has an almost perfect, unmoved center point during the entirety of its travel..??? They made a new 170mm 27.5 trail bike too!
The legend Chris Kovarik dropping his own signature pedal ft. the widest axle on the flat pedal market..or his wildly innovative STFU chain slap eliminator..!??

Rev grips just updated their rubber inserts. You can mix an match different rubber compound types (3) PLUS two different spacer thicknesses w/10+ combinations to dial in your grip tune🔥🔥🔥
Y’all are not keeping it real.

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Added a comment to chamaedorea.elegans's bike check 10/7/2020 4:53 PM
Evil Insurgent LB»»Honda RN-02 yanG-cross 151mm//27.5 [EXT•DVO] Sovereignty Freeracer

A bro
5’9” tall
+1.5” wingspan
Shorter torso
Regular length leg inseam

-I designed the viny wrap job--shoutout Steve @Sovereignty Glass for the decal inspiration and Chinchilla Roo for the sacred geometry headtube badge #RELEASE
-3m Satin Flip Ghost Pearl white//Vivid Black metallic matte (pictures do it zero justice)
-Spur-Cycles bell (pleasantly the loudest) + WolfTooth belltower it even a bike if it doesn't have a bell..??
-Lezyne silver water bottle cage ( it even a bike if it cant hold a water bottle? ha)
-Custom SLICY front fender (worth it)
-TIRE INSERTS; Cush-Core rear--Vittoria Airliner front (much lighter + resists rim strikes better than cush-core) ++muc-off tire sealant, dank.

-The 32t WolfTooth oval chainring is the *least* aggressive oval shape on the market (~10% vs absoluteblack ~14%)...imo 10% makes for balanced pedal strokes
-Industry 9 stem is quite possibly the most advanced stem on the market--sitting @-4mm drop you feel like you're 'in' the cockpit vs hovering above it
-6.5mm steer-tube spacer stack
-OneUp Components 35mm clamp oval carbon handlebar is extremely balanced--stiff where you want it (vertical push/pulls during climbing) and compliant when you need it (reliable horizontal flex sensation of a 31.8mm bar) *BUY TWO*
-RevGrips...WOW. These things are 100% beneficial and work as advertised. I custom tuned the rubber inserts for an ingenious ramp up (while still remaining supple on initial stroke). Buy the red inserts while you still can--only put one red insert per lock-collar (4 total) and orient it directly over where your palm contacts the grip. This allows for a highly progressive ramping effect--good stiffness for jumps *and* higher speed rock gardens since the initial stroke is so supple. These things are a must.
-EXT Storia V3 coil--DREAM. Lets just say EXT has been doing hydraulic bottom out bumpers in their shocks *way* longer than PUSH has. Always go EXT.
-DVO Onyx 170mm is UNREAL--the OTT coil adjustment (first 30% of travel) is HEAD&SHOULDERS more supple/tunable than anything f*x. I literally threw away my 2020 f*x 36 because the DVO had it beat IN EVERY METRIC...DVO setup is only 9oz heavier (aka more stable) + DVO customer service is *UNMATCHED* #DVO2THEBONE
-Wheel setup; running a rear rim that's 25mm+ greatly increases drag. At a certain point going SUPER WIDE can cause excessive friction aka loss of speed. 23-28mm (internal) rims + non- wide trail (WT) tires are considerably faster as a rear wheel. Ask Loic Bruni or his dad--they taught me (Sam Pilgrim too). The 30mm front rim + WT Maxxis tire is the perfect balance between speed and stability through the gnar. FEEL ME--MAXXIS PLEASE KEEP MAKING NON-WT TIRES!!
-2.3mm exxtrta thicc TRP rotor + brake setup for the rear only--less chance of warping *cough bullshit icetec roto's* I CANT STAND ROTOR RUB :-0
-Fuck 12sp cassettes (when your largest cog is bigger than your rear might just wear the skirt in your cycling relationship)
-Fuck 15mm fork axles (when 20mm is STRONG & LIGHTER, wtf bike industry)
-Fuck f*x suspension (over and over again)

Set in LOW setting (vs bb smashing X-low)
Bike rides superb downhill--decent uphill performance as well. Evil is a link-driven single pivot kinematic. They actually have a multi-ramp progression curve--progressive initial stroke, linear mid-stroke, progressive ramp up toward the end and the last 5% or so hits linear. HOW COOL--works best w/coil from my understanding (for trail riding n such--air shock better for massive jumps/drops/dedicated jibbing). The only downside to Evil bikes is the bit of pedal kick-back under compression....easily solved w/"O-Chain" spider attachment (gives chainless suspension feel). I'll hold off on that for now.
This is my ultimate FREE-RACE trail bike...Honda.
Good luck roasting the shit out of me :-)

..if you went mullet (29 front, 27.5 rear) you would have to do a 29" f*x 36 (lowest axle to crown on the market, unfortunately) lowered to 150mm, add a +1.5* angle headset (steepen) & put the linkage 'flip-chip' into X-low setting to get the proper head angle....all in all. Fuck that.

Modern day 26" shred machine..but in 27.5.
I love you

*Build by Dirt Merchant bicycles in Boulder, Colorado (check em out on pinkbike, best deals around + high level race MTB wrench skills)

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Added a comment to fclinder's bike check 10/7/2020 1:50 PM
Custom Painted 2020 NORCO Sight AL 29er

Weight check

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Added a comment to kduncan1104's bike check 11/21/2019 2:33 AM
Stanton Switch9er FS



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Liked a comment on the item The Smashing Pumpkin 11/21/2019 2:32 AM

Thanks! That actually is the 35mm. I love it. It feels much better than the RF Next R that the bike came with which was really on the stiff side.

Added a comment to Colorider's bike check 11/21/2019 2:32 AM
The Smashing Pumpkin

is there even a 5mm spacer under the stem?

thank you !!

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Liked a comment on the item 2018 Santa Cruz Hightower LT CC 11/21/2019 12:38 AM

Thanks! In the meantime I've replaced the bars with OneUp Components 35mm rise because I felt I was leaning forward a little too much for my liking. But I'll check the rotation on the bars, I hadn't noticed they were rolled too far forward. Thanks for the heads up.

So far I'm pretty happy with the overall ergonomics I...more

Added a comment to Rolf's bike check 11/16/2019 7:50 AM
2018 Santa Cruz Hightower LT CC

SICK!! bars are rolled too far forward
How you liking the 20mm rise on those bars? Wishing you would have gone 35mm rise?

what else would you replace to enhance ergonomics? Maybe some...REVGRIPS

Love you

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Added a comment to Colorider's bike check 11/15/2019 3:41 AM
The Smashing Pumpkin

uwuu...very dank
Why the 20mm rise oneup carbon bar and not the 35mm rise--curious about your fit

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Liked a comment on the item Retro Future Transition Scout 11/15/2019 3:36 AM

amazeballs, dumbest word ever.

Added a comment to zonoskar's bike check 11/15/2019 3:13 AM
patientZERO #18

1995 and these hoes give it 2 me

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Added a comment to Nate L's bike check 11/15/2019 3:07 AM
2019 Custom Transition Patrol, Tyson's Dream Build

`Dang, 20mm rise bars, 10mm spacer stack>>Peddly.
`Try out Revgrips--youll be surprised
`You'll actually have more dynamic crank torque over obstacles with shorter cranks (talkin 155-165mm)
`If you were really 'bout dat pedal life then where is the WolfTooth elliptical (oval) chainring?
`Carbon stem huh--might as well go full shotgun suicide and run TI bolts on that bish [rotor bolts too]
`Check out Selle SMP saddles if you want the best fitting pedal friendly saddle on the market.
`No upper chainguide, lower bashguard (or tensioner) yet you're running coil front and rear..? Bro
`Any tire inserts? I'll bet you're scared of the added weight but check out Vittoria Airliners. Better bottom out rim protection than cushcore *and* lighter to boot. Them carbon hoops will tongue kiss you for it. Promise : )

This is overall a beauty of a build--way to really make it look like a mountainous bicycle sonny

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Added a comment to iMountainBike's bike check 10/23/2019 12:03 AM
Santa Cruz Megatower CC Strawberry shake

you bet

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Added a comment to nydownhiller's bike check 10/21/2019 6:22 AM
Reign 29

well god damm--so do you notice a benefit of the Intend stiffmaster headset?

Try the vittoria airliner tire inserts--bit lighter and better bottom out rim protection vs. cushcore.
Also check out Selle SMP saddles--super advanced.

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Liked a comment on the item Spartan 29 V1.80 10/21/2019 6:16 AM

-The bike rides beautifully. For a 29er with 170mm front and 165mm rear, it handles like a 27.5. The SuperBoost 157 rear spacing keeps it stiff and compact feeling.
The frame actually rides best with linear air shocks like the Fox X2 or Super Deluxe w/ MegNeg or of course coil shocks. It is honestly a very balanced...more

Added a comment to mfa81's bike check 10/21/2019 6:01 AM
Hightower CC Blue Devil

lets take off our shirts and kiss

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Added a comment to Przemek_Siepski's bike check 10/21/2019 5:59 AM
Propain Tyee 2019 you take off your shirt and kiss strangers before riding this bike?
tell me

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Added a comment to iMountainBike's bike check 10/21/2019 5:55 AM
Santa Cruz Megatower CC Strawberry shake

+Pink Revgrips please!
+Selle SMP saddle Drakon/Plus/Vulkor in white w/pink stitching (most advanced saddle in the game)
+Would be very cool to color match that coil to the frame paint--team pink!
+Either throw away or sell the dropper--get a 180mm OneUp v2 dropper
+Find a way to run 165mm cranks>>Hope makes a quality 165mm crank. SixC has 165mm carbon cranks if youre weight obsessed
+Look into the wolftooth oval 'elliptical' chain ring. They have it the most figured out
+Vittoria Airliner tire inserts! Lighter than cushcore w/more rim protection
+It would be worth it to have a paint shop custom spray those fork lowers to match the frame color--or get 37mm short offset fox 36 and keep it black

Love ya bro

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