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Thanks! That actually is the 35mm. I love it. It feels much better than the RF Next R that the bike came with which was really on the stiff side.

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is there even a 5mm spacer under the stem?

thank you !!

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Thanks! In the meantime I've replaced the bars with OneUp Components 35mm rise because I felt I was leaning forward a little too much for my liking. But I'll check the rotation on the bars, I hadn't noticed they were rolled too far forward. Thanks for the heads up.

So far I'm pretty happy with the overall ergonomics I...more

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SICK!! bars are rolled too far forward
How you liking the 20mm rise on those bars? Wishing you would have gone 35mm rise?

what else would you replace to enhance ergonomics? Maybe some...REVGRIPS

Love you

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uwuu...very dank
Why the 20mm rise oneup carbon bar and not the 35mm rise--curious about your fit

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amazeballs, dumbest word ever.

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1995 and these hoes give it 2 me

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`Dang, 20mm rise bars, 10mm spacer stack>>Peddly.
`Try out Revgrips--youll be surprised
`You'll actually have more dynamic crank torque over obstacles with shorter cranks (talkin 155-165mm)
`If you were really 'bout dat pedal life then where is the WolfTooth elliptical (oval) chainring?
`Carbon stem huh--might as well go full shotgun suicide and run TI bolts on that bish [rotor bolts too]
`Check out Selle SMP saddles if you want the best fitting pedal friendly saddle on the market.
`No upper chainguide, lower bashguard (or tensioner) yet you're running coil front and rear..? Bro
`Any tire inserts? I'll bet you're scared of the added weight but check out Vittoria Airliners. Better bottom out rim protection than cushcore *and* lighter to boot. Them carbon hoops will tongue kiss you for it. Promise : )

This is overall a beauty of a build--way to really make it look like a mountainous bicycle sonny

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you bet

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well god damm--so do you notice a benefit of the Intend stiffmaster headset?

Try the vittoria airliner tire inserts--bit lighter and better bottom out rim protection vs. cushcore.
Also check out Selle SMP saddles--super advanced.

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-The bike rides beautifully. For a 29er with 170mm front and 165mm rear, it handles like a 27.5. The SuperBoost 157 rear spacing keeps it stiff and compact feeling.
The frame actually rides best with linear air shocks like the Fox X2 or Super Deluxe w/ MegNeg or of course coil shocks. It is honestly a very balanced...more

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lets take off our shirts and kiss

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Added a comment to Przemek_Siepski's bike check 10/21/2019 5:59 AM you take off your shirt and kiss strangers before riding this bike?
tell me

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+Pink Revgrips please!
+Selle SMP saddle Drakon/Plus/Vulkor in white w/pink stitching (most advanced saddle in the game)
+Would be very cool to color match that coil to the frame paint--team pink!
+Either throw away or sell the dropper--get a 180mm OneUp v2 dropper
+Find a way to run 165mm cranks>>Hope makes a quality 165mm crank. SixC has 165mm carbon cranks if youre weight obsessed
+Look into the wolftooth oval 'elliptical' chain ring. They have it the most figured out
+Vittoria Airliner tire inserts! Lighter than cushcore w/more rim protection
+It would be worth it to have a paint shop custom spray those fork lowers to match the frame color--or get 37mm short offset fox 36 and keep it black

Love ya bro

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Not necessarily my color choice however: its awesome from a rarity stand point being a factory paint job and there were just a few (right?) produced, and I applaud something other than black. Nice. Congrats on getting hold of one of those.

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-Pro Revgrips in Orange grip/gold caps
-Long travel link attachment to bump up rear travel (get it in gold or orange)
-EXT storia coil shock (or the EXT air shock)
-Selle SMP saddle--nothing more high quality
-Vittoria Airliner tire inserts--better rim protection than cushcore *and* lighter
-Industry 9 direct pull spoke carbon wheelset alternative [310c 32h, orange/gold spokes on orange hubs)
-Add backcountry research orange/gold frame strap w/lightweight Tubolito Tubo MTB tube strapped to the frame w/two orange gorilla force tire levers
-Chain needs to be KMC gold TI for increased durability
-Get the Intend Stiffmaster upper headset--will help stiffen up your cockpit quite a bit
-Custom create a sexy Slicy mudguard on their site--or just get the regular Slicy guard and vinyl wrap it candy orange
-OneUp 35mm carbon bar is very futuristic/dank. Stiff when ya want it, compliant when ya need. It's the feels of a 31.8 bar and a 35mm--super sick. You should get 2-4mm thin clear vinyl and wrap the exposed carbon of the bars. Will save you
-Shorten up those cranks mister! Hope makes 165mm cranks that are really quality. Or be a badass, get 160mm steel bmx cranks from Profile and really shred the lo-angle gnar! *OR* get canecreek to custom make you 165mm titanium eewing cranks
-Gotta run a Vorsrpung Smashpot coil insert on that Fox 36--pay attention to tuning the hydraulic bottom out damper to maximize bottom out ease or resistence once you have your baseline sag point set with proper spring weight
-Spurcycle bell and the Wolftooth remote belltower adapter (mates dropper lever to the bell clamp)
-Production Privee chainstay protector that says "slap me hard"
-get a custom headtube badge--look up custom headtube badge on google and pick your favorite artists
-gold cheetah print vinyl going down the toptube
-orange to gold 'monochromatic' santacruz frame decal
-two giant rim decals per side that say "I EAT ASS" --that would be super funny *and* fast

lmk when you complete all of these changes

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stupid pinned

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so much knowledge here--thank you tons.

Updated Assegai compounds, dank>> What do yall think about cutting down the center knobs ever so slightly (with added cut depth on the transition knobs that are absent on DHF's) using a Schwalbe tire tread cutter tool..? I think it would be badass and solve the rolling speed issue making it just as quick as a DHF when used as a front tire.


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