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Where’s my day 2 Vital RAW? I’ve already watched day 1 five times.

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You spelled Greg wrong

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I just wish this gallery had more photos of John drilling levers.

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"re-enters" the cockpit game... surely i can't be the only one that remembers the old e13 DM stems.

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Making the front center shorter really, really, really isn't the purpose of reduced offset forks.

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These videos are dumb.

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Nice, I like graphs that actually have numbers on them.

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Why not just go with some grade 8's for strength?

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Constructive. Glad the idea of getting people (who are restricted by age or health) on bikes with their friends/family causes you to feel ill. Thanks for joining the discussion.

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It has been done on the Pivot Phoenix, to reduce stress on coil shocks.

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Your primary school called, they want their grammar back.

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gO fINd a DifFerEnT spoRT!! deAtH tO BaTtErieS!! eLecTriCitY is EviL!! WhY caN'T yOu DeAL wITh CAbleS??

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Can you make a new series of wallpaper? I am in need of a new one!!

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I’m pretty sure Rockshox has a patent for sag markings on stanchions, so it might be a while before we see other companies also do it.

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Long live Littermag & Ridemonkey.

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wrong website

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Moustaches. I don't understand the hate, isn't this the type of universal compatibility that everyone is asking for when they bitch about standards? Only problem is you can't fit that All In tool in there anymore. You don't need to buy this if you already have a bike with some cranks. If you are...more

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That is why I love Vital so much. Detailed reviews/first look, including suspension analysis (so we can cut through the marketing BS).

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