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Would like to see someone put a crank based power meter and a hub based power meter on this bike. See what the losses are due to the idler (obviously calibrate on a normal bike first).

Bike looks fantastic BTW.

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Are these available in Canada ?
Also the fork offset descriptions are backwards.

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Where’s my day 2 Vital RAW? I’ve already watched day 1 five times.

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You spelled Greg wrong

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I just wish this gallery had more photos of John drilling levers.

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"re-enters" the cockpit game... surely i can't be the only one that remembers the old e13 DM stems.

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Making the front center shorter really, really, really isn't the purpose of reduced offset forks.

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These videos are dumb.

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Nice, I like graphs that actually have numbers on them.

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Why not just go with some grade 8's for strength?

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Constructive. Glad the idea of getting people (who are restricted by age or health) on bikes with their friends/family causes you to feel ill. Thanks for joining the discussion.

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It has been done on the Pivot Phoenix, to reduce stress on coil shocks.

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Your primary school called, they want their grammar back.

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gO fINd a DifFerEnT spoRT!! deAtH tO BaTtErieS!! eLecTriCitY is EviL!! WhY caN'T yOu DeAL wITh CAbleS??

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Can you make a new series of wallpaper? I am in need of a new one!!

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I’m pretty sure Rockshox has a patent for sag markings on stanchions, so it might be a while before we see other companies also do it.

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Long live Littermag & Ridemonkey.

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wrong website