It's Electric! SRAM's Wireless Eagle AXS and RockShox Reverb AXS Details 37

Wireless, rechargeable, waterproof, customizable, well thought out and claimed to be more durable all around. Get the key details on the newest electronic mountain bike drivetrain and dropper post.

"It's 2019," says SRAM. "Let's make things easy." In the same vein, here is a condensed rundown of the relevant specs and everything you need to know about their new components. To make your life easier, we even bolded the most important bits. 

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At a glance, Eagle AXS brings the real benefits of wireless electronic shifting to the mountain bike. On a deeper level, it offers discerning riders unprecedented personalization and control of the drivetrain.

SRAM Eagle AXS Electronic Drivetrain Breakdown

  • Wireless-electronic shifter and derailleur allow you to initiate a shift with a touch
  • Removable battery provides 20 hours of ride time, takes one hour to charge, weighs 25g, and is hot-swappable from derailleur to Reverb AXS
  • Same 500% gear range and cassettes as previous Eagle drivetrains
  • All-new derailleur specifically designed to be motor-driven instead of cable-actuated
  • Derailleur features a shorter cage for 10mm added ground clearance, more chain wrap, and sits slightly further forward and further inboard than mechanical Eagle
  • Overload Clutch disengages on impact to protect the derailleur’s shift motor, then returns to position and shifts back into gear
  • Trimmed and adjusted electronically
  • “Secret Sprint” paddle oriented on the front side of the controller near index knuckle allows for quick shifts
  • Press a button on the derailleur to check battery
  • System goes to power save mode when the bike is stationary
  • Water and dust proof to the IP69K international standard (can withstand pressure washing and immersion)
  • Crankset requires SRAM DUB bottom bracket (not included)
  • Available chain lines: 49.0mm, 52.0mm, 56.5mm
  • X01 has an enduro focus, forged aluminum cage, stainless hardware, and black/polar colors
  • XX1 has an XC focus, carbon cage, titanium hardware, and rainbow color
  • Eagle AXS drivetrains weigh 5 to 15g less than mechanical Eagle

Shift under load, over the roughest terrain, uphill, or without changing your grip on the bar. Eagle AXS changes your level of control on the bike when you’re under pressure and pushing hard into the red.

Easy setup. Easier usage. Bolt it on. Set three limit screws. Press the pairing buttons. And go.

Eagle AXS Pricing and Availability

  • XX1 Eagle AXS Drivetrain MSRP: $2,000 USD | €2100 | £1950
  • X01 Eagle AXS Drivetrain MSRP: $1,900 USD | €2000 | £1900
  • Includes carbon cranks with 32-tooth (X01) or 34-tooth (XX1) chainring, derailleur with battery, controller with clamp, cassette, chain, charger cord, and AXS b-gap tool.
  • Available April 2019
  • Individual components available 4-5 weeks after full group availability, pricing TBA

RockShox Reverb AXS Electronic Dropper Post Breakdown

  • Wireless-electronic dropper post and controller allow you to initiate a post adjustment with a touch
  • Post stays activated/open while holding the controller paddle
  • Virtually no lag
  • Retains infinite height adjustment
  • Removable battery provides 40 hours of ride time (depending on use), takes one hour to charge, weighs 25g, and is hot-swappable from Reverb to Eagle AXS
  • System goes to power save mode when the bike is stationary
  • Check battery life by pressing a button on the post; a battery is required for operation
  • All-new post head - Turn a single rail-retention bolt for quick saddle install, adjust tilt and position with the bolt at front of the head
  • Updated internals for faster (non-adjustable) return speed in all conditions
  • Lower friction internal floating piston results in faster post actuation and less required downward saddle force
  • Lower friction Reverb fluid and grease
  • Vent Valve Technology to reset post
  • Waterproof to the IPX7 international standard (systems that require regular pressurized cleaning)
  • Diameters: 30.9mm, 31.6mm, 34.9mm
  • Travel: 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 170mm
  • Length: 340mm, 390mm, 440mm, 480mm (same as regular Reverb)
  • Compatibility: Zero Offset, 7mm Round Rail, 7X9mm Oval Rail, Matchmaker, or Discrete Clamp
  • Reverb AXS weighs "within a few grams" of traditional Reverb

"Sometimes the inevitable happens," says SRAM. "Over time, air and oil may mix, resulting in that annoying post 'squish' and the need for additional service. Vent Valve Technology allows you to do this simple service within a few steps, without any disassembly of the post. Depress the valve, compress the post, good to go. The air is channeled back into the air chamber leaving the oil where it belongs and you back to more confident reliable performance."

Reverb AXS Pricing and Availability

  • MSRP: $800 USD | €800 | £700
  • Includes dropper post, controller, discrete clamp, battery, and charger
  • Available April 2019

AXS System Overview

  • AXS is pronounced the same as the word "access"
  • The SRAM AXS mobile app is only needed for personalization or to check data.
  • Each AXS controller requires one CR2032 watch battery, which often last two years or more.
  • Batteries are interchangeable between AXS components and can be charged via USB.

What Can You Control and View with the SRAM AXS Mobile App?

  • Component configurations and customization: Make trim adjustments on the rear derailleur, set the number of gears it will shift when holding down the paddle, and assign different controller paddles different functions. You can choose between inboard shift, outboard shift, or activate dropper.
  • Review battery life
  • Receive firmware updates and more...

In Action

What do you think of the new components? Are you ready for electronics on your ride?

Visit for more details.


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