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other than the rumors of the brakes making adrien's bike slow down, we don't have any other info for now : )

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62.5 degree HTA?! Don't have to tempt me with a good time!

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Yeah I dunno...was going for something not-quite-like the usual enduro garb to point out that the shoes are a bit different...guess I'll forever have to live in infamy now.

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Those are the trails I wish I could ride (and they are only down the road too..... :o( ).

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...just a trace

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The RUNT would allow you to run even lower pressure, giving you a more supple ride. The new spring rate also returns the fork to the beginning softer part of the stroke faster than 0 tokens. This makes the fork much more supple as well without losing support.

I do not believe you...more

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1:14, sam's ever-so-subtle grin knowing he's roosting the crap out of bron LOL. and every insta edit and vlogger for the next three months will be trying to throw those moto-foot-out-land-in-turn-drift thingies. it's the scrub of 2019. SO SICK!!!

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Totally unrelated, but I just realized how positive of an environment the vital comments section usually is. I wonder why that is..sure would make social medias more fun if it were more often like this.

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Way to go Enve. Now just lower it by another $1,000 and you'll offer competitive pricing.

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Embargo scramble sounds like a delicious Cuban breakfast

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they comin'

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Yeah, I blew up the stock shock multiple times. Not a good product. Shock pictured was a RS test shock, and I honestly really liked it. It may not have a piggyback, but it still performed great, and this shock had a much more progressive tune which really helped the bike come...more

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Not a formal one no, but I can give you my thoughts: it's impressively smooth and very well controlled. Going fast through the rough stuff is a pleasure. The Capra is very progressive as you know, the coil takes a bit of harshness out of it through the fast chop. Also, even with 33%...more

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Wyn Masters always looks like he's charging. Love his all out, aggressive style.

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