SAM HILL - The Inside Line Podcast 17

The one, the only.

We're honored to have Sam Hill, one of mountain biking's most successful and exciting gravity racers, on The Inside Line today. Brett Pengelley spends a few hours with Sam at his home in Western Australia to discuss everything from his race career to family life to bike setup to flat-pedal-dominance and what his future looks like. There is even a lightning round at the end with questions from riders like Troy Brosnan, Brook Macdonald, Loic Bruni and more. Don't miss his answer to the very last question, which is probably the best thing we've heard all year!


Thank you Sam, Brett and all of you listeners out there!

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See 16 Super Sick Sam Hill Shots from 2003 to 2013

Sea Otter 2007 or so with Heimdahl and Hasselhoff.

Durango 2003.


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