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Added a comment about product review Direct-to-Consumer Tires: Versus Mountain Bike Tires Long-Term Tested 6/14/2020 9:25 PM

With all the bitching about pricing I’d think this was pinkbike. Last time I bought tires I paid about $80 per tire. I got Maxxis DHR and Assegai in double down casing, not much of a deal from my local shop but I know the owner and I’m happy to put an extra few bucks in his pocket when I buy tires. I did how ever look online and I couldn’t find deals on the casing and compound I wanted. So I would say $65 is pretty good if they have what you want, in stock, no hassles, just put it in your cart and check out. When they get 27.5 tires I’ll check them out.

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Added reply in a thread Do you say fork or forks? 6/5/2020 5:29 AM

Forker is what I prefer

Added reply in a thread help with deciding bike 5/16/2020 1:00 PM

Transitions seem to be very popular here in Washington, they seem to be pretty tough too. Im sure you could pick up a first gen Sentinel pretty cheap right now and then buy a second bike for your road rides. If you are just going a mile or two on pavement ... more »

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Finally no MSA and Fort Bill on calendar
At least one good news!!

Added reply in a thread Random musing: Road vs. MTB frame prices 5/4/2020 9:10 PM

I think the bike industry knows what status symbol chasers will pay for road bikes.

Added a comment about video Noisy Bikes, Small Bikes - Vital RAW - 2010 World Cup DH 4/27/2020 10:16 AM

I think it wasn’t being thought about as much. Bikes were evolving in other ways. I remember Mondraker came out with their DH bike and it had longer reach and a 62 degree head angle. Most people thought it was over the top.

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Added reply in a thread 2020 MTB Tech Rumors and Innovation 4/25/2020 1:38 PM

I have a MRP Bartlett and it is the best fork I have owned. Stays up in its travel and feels very plush. I really like having a direct mount stem. I have no idea what the weight is I know my size large Evil Insurgent with the Bartlett, coil shock, DD ... more »

Added reply in a thread Best and Worst World Cup DH Tracks? 4/5/2020 2:34 PM

I don’t think any of the tracks are “bad” but I’m completely bored with MSA and Fort William. I know, bring the hate. I wish the UCI had a rule where a track could not be run more than 2 years in a row, then one year off, then back.

Added reply in a thread The Best Component Upgrade for a Mountain Bike? 3/31/2020 4:14 PM

Tires, pedals and grips. Doesn’t matter if your on a dirt jumper hard tail or a full on DH race bike, if those 3 items suck you will notice.

Added a comment about video Custom-Tuned Versus Stock Mountain Bike Suspension - Vital MTB Advanced Class 3/20/2020 4:24 PM

Good video. I think having dialed suspension and a bike that fits properly are the 2 biggest things in a bike riding well. For some reason a lot of people aren’t into the custom tuned suspension thing, never really understood that when people drop 4-10k on a bike but then won’t spend an extra $300-400 to get the suspension perfect. They will buy a product that they can put into their fork or shock, like the Runt, but won’t go for a full tune. The fit thing is a different conversation, drives me nuts when I see people running super wide bars with narrow shoulders. It’s ergonomics not rocket science.

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Added a comment about video Lousa World Cup DH Course Preview with FrixFrix and Estaque 3/15/2020 9:02 AM

It looked like some of those tech sections had multiple line choices. Not to mention that sprint toward the bottom could mix up the times.

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Added reply in a thread 2020 MTB Tech Rumors and Innovation 3/14/2020 10:57 AM

Anyone know when Honda’s patent on their gear box is up? Back in the day I remember hearing that Honda patented every version of what they did. By the end it was basically a derailleur mounted in a can on the frame. If that’s the case when the patent ... more »

Added reply in a thread Where to go for a two week summer MTB vacation? 2/14/2020 7:48 AM

I live close to Issaquah and North Bend, we have some great stuff but not worth a 2 week vacation. If you drive to whistler it would be a good 1 or 2 day stop. I would suggest Whistler, between the bike park and the stuff outside the park there is months ... more »

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I haven’t rode either bike but people seem to be loving the new Norco Optic and Specialized Stumpjumper Evo. Both bikes are shorter travel, supposedly climb well and have aggressive geometry which I’m sure you would appreciate coming from a moto background. ... more »

Added reply in a thread Overcoming Fear - How Do You Guys Do It? 11/9/2019 7:30 AM

All the input here so far is really good. I would also add go for a few rides that are easy, really easy. Don’t do anything that would have felt even mildly hard precrash. Do that a few times and you will start feeling comfortable again.

Added a comment about press release Ride Longer, Ride Stronger. The Inside Story of SPANK's Vibrocore Solution for Arm Pump 10/18/2019 9:09 PM

Please enlighten the rest of us then. I agree with TEAMROBOT about stiffer suspension and higher bars but braking bumps and blown out sections of trail at high speed are rough.

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I think damping is more important. It’s pretty easy to get your spring rate correct, coil or air. Turning all those knobs can get confusing. I’ve also noticed that unless the trail is short and your shuttling it’s difficult to pinpoint specific changes ... more »

Added a comment about product review Not Your Dad’s Hightower: We Ride the New 2020 Santa Cruz 7/4/2019 10:01 AM

I think making it so it doesn’t fit coil shocks and high volume air shocks was intended. It’s not like this was slapped together in a weekend. I really don’t get why though, same with the Bronson. Maybe it’s to encourage the hard charging coil shock riders to be on a Nomad or Megatower?

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