Added a comment about news blog FOX Racing Introduces the Dropframe Helmet 4/16/2019 6:27 AM

Wanna this, it does look nice, and probably provide best coverage from open lids.

Need to try sizings

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Added a comment about product review Speed master 3/24/2019 7:32 AM

Good read, nice video, specs of the bike +- with competitors it is good to have multiple options

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Added a comment about product review From the Pumptrack To the Trails: Adidas-Branded Sleuth DLX from Five Ten 3/12/2019 6:45 PM

Hmm, was thinking nice looking pair, however availability in black as for now? No thank you! Otherwise regular fiveten, that should cost 60-80$

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Added a comment about feature Hope Introduces New Cranks and Wheels | BCA 2019 3/5/2019 6:01 AM

It does look like sunringle Helix rims, I agree they are tad heavy, however cheap and bombproof

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Cool. But I wish companies would bark up a "tree that matters". Carbon vs Carbon vs Aluminum bla bla bla really doesn't matter all that much on the trail. Unlike road riding, there are so many factors that contribute to ride quality. Tires, suspension, handlebar...more

Added a comment about press release Introducing Revel Bikes 3/3/2019 7:43 PM

It does look like intense or similar bike

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Updated bike check Intense smUZZI 275 2/27/2019 7:17 PM
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First off great review. I have both of the bikes tested plus an HTLT as well and would echo your experiences in climbing. The Evo is very underrated in this area and it absolutely crushes the climbs. I find that the steep seat tube means that I don't have to fight to keep the front...more

Added a comment about feature What Do Riders Think? Seven Dropper Posts Reviewed by Vital MTB Members 1/16/2019 8:49 PM

RF or fall line are great options, you can lift bike by seaddle, operates below zero, simple and easy maintanaceble...

RF have some issue from factory, however fallline rebuild kit solves them, except of seaddle lock mechanism, depending on the market one of them will be cheaper...

All others dropper s are good, however are restrict lifting bike using seaddle, which is major issue for me.

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Added a comment about feature Vital Rides the All-New YT Jeffsy 29 1/14/2019 6:53 PM

Few more years and they will manage proper Geo, such as 65/77 with properly sized reach CS, it does look nice, however, most brands afraid of radical proper change of the geometry...

Yt provide good value, however frames are not superb quality ( in the past)

Thnx for the review

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Added reply in a thread Advanced geometry nerding 1/9/2019 7:11 PM

In case bike designers ever ski, that is obviously, noone increase front center of 🎿, always 🎿 grows in both directions

Added a comment about product review Versatile Destroyer: 2019 Scott Ransom Reviewed 11/10/2018 1:23 AM

Wow, that new level of bike review! Cheers Vital! From the review I see huge difference btw 27/29 at the beginning of the trail over small roots and bumps

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Liked a comment on the item An Army of Knobbies: Vital Rides e*thirteen's Semi-Slick Tire 11/1/2018 3:51 AM

I've been using the Minion SS and I love it, traction is amazing even on mud. This one looks great.

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That is is FANTASTIC looking!

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Heyy! Nice bike and awesome ride

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