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Bike of the Day October 20, 2018!

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Daily Shot October 19, 2018!

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As Dawid Godziek is waiting to drop in the XGames Sydney, Szymon is on his way to scope the lines in Hurricane, Utah. Red Bull Rampage hype is real, and just being there will prove the steepness and height of the terrain there. Starting off on the wrong foot and losing one digger due to a leg injury even before leaving Poland, Szymon is on a mission with Marcin Rot and Aleksander Osmałek (Flairmotion*) to start digging and create a line that will hopefully let him unveil his freeride potential.

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After a first social edit, here is the full version of 'DRONE REVOLUTION'. Because we are getting tired of always seeing the same things, new systems push our creativity and motivate our outdoor scene to innovate.

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Daily Shot October 18, 2018!

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Sam Hill won the Garbonzo Downhill on what looked like some kind of prototype or test rig, chances are we’ll see a new DH bike from them in 2019.

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The cameras they have only cover at best 1mn30 of the track, so at the end, they do "get lost" because the top-10 riders are on 3-minute gaps. That's when they show some slomo of each run or cut other stuff in. That doesn't mean that you are not watching a live stream of that 1mn30 or whatever it is.

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Quiet is the new loud: Softly spoken, polite to a fault - yet put Louise Ferguson on a mountain bike and things start to get loud very quickly.

22 years old, and able to simultaneously win races and throw flips for fun, Louise personifies fun on a bike and leading the charge for a new generation of riders in Scotland.


Louise's gear:

Vittoria tyres
Funn Components
Royal Racing clothing
7 Protection pads
Kingud Cleaning gear
Scott Sports eyewear


Film by DWAgency



Midnight in London - George Georgia

Name on a matchbook - Springtime Carnivore


Instagram: @louise_anna__
Instagram: @descentworld

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Bike of the Day October 18, 2018!

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Bariloche, Argentina. When we made our way out here for the first shoot of the entire film it was a bit of a jump into the deep end, but it resulted in one of the standout segments of the film.

The volcanic dust and amazing trails built by Cepi and co at Ride SRL makes for one of the best riding and shooting locations we've ever been, enjoy.

GAMBLE Film is available NOW on Itunes, Amazon, Google Play and more!

Produced by Steel City Media + Creative Concept

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Bike of the Day October 17, 2018!

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maes with GT for 3 more years ----------------------press release----------------- Martin Maes to Race with GT for Three More Years GT and GT Factory Racing (GTFR) today announced that the Belgian phenom Martin Maes will keep the good times rolling with ... more »

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Daily Shot October 16, 2018!

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KC Deane is no stranger to the endless fun that Whistler provides no matter what season it is. Only problem is sharing it with thousands of other mountain bikers during Joyride isn't exactly fun. 

Inspired by hours of thumb workouts on Instagram KC decides to take his talents to the most famous big wave in the world, Jaws. He quickly discovers that his swell chasing skills are a little off. Luckily there are a few trails on the valley isle to salvage his extreme seeking vacation.

Athletes: KC Deane & Albee Layer

Filmed by Dan Norkunas 

Edited by Cody Carter

Music Provided by: Musicbed

Additional footage provided by Fast Focus

Produced by: Schwalbe Tires

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