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Daily Shot February 19, 2019!

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SCM is proud to present 'Mountains to Sea', a two wheel'd adventure across Slovenia with Juliana Bicycles ambassadors Rachel Walker and Julia Hobson.

With this film we look to land Slovenia firmly on riders bucket lists, by trying to give this 'hidden gem' of Europe the justice it deserves on screen, with its pristine singletrack, endless layers of mountains and great pizza?!

We felt naive once we were there witnessing it all first hand, but Slovenia is a place that is largely covered in mountains and bordered by four different countries, which gives you a huge mix of cultures and terrain each day as you work your way towards the coast for that final reward of gelato... 

You'll need to watch the film for the full story, but It's like they've almost picked their favourite parts of the rest of Europe and placed them all in one tidy, mountainous package. 

For more information about the trip and how to re-create their journey, speak to Jonny at Ride Slovenia.

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Nino Schurter spends 95% of his time training or racing on his bike. Like all athletes at his level, the 7x World Champion likes to escape from his busy schedule in the off-season and to spend time with family and friends somewhere remote. Here is why.

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Nukeproof Introduces the All-New Dissent DH Bike
(Press Release)

2/15/2019 5:08 AM

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More referring to seat tube length and standover height when we say bikes are getting lower.