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Liked a comment on the item Dave Camp at Angel Fire 9/28/2022 8:41 AM

Haha Upper supreme to upper boogie to graveyard to pinball. My hands and arms hurt just thinking about that lap. Made it look easy too.

Added reply in a thread 2023 TEAM RUMORS 9/23/2022 10:17 AM

Yeah... I mean the following year. Not next year.

Added reply in a thread 2023 TEAM RUMORS 9/20/2022 11:24 AM

He's currently getting GT support and has a good relationship with the team from what I can gather. Pinkerton has done well with GT, and I could see Asa going abroad with them next year on a factory ride when Pinkerton ages up to Pro Men's from Juniors. ... more »

Liked a comment on the item RESULTS - U.S. Open of Mountain Biking Downhill 9/20/2022 5:55 AM

Looks like a SoCal vacation is on the books now with that payout Dak!

Added reply in a thread Coming back from a scary one... 9/14/2022 9:07 AM

You might listen to the first 5 or so episodes of Matt Macduff's podcast. It's basically interviewing a ton of action sports athletes on how they've come back from injury (both mentally and physically). One thing that's helped me is to do some confidence-inspiring ... more »

Added reply in a thread Dirt jumper vs BMX 9/10/2022 7:40 AM

Sounds like your decision is already made. My kid switches pretty effortlessly between all his bikes, but as an old man, I find the DJ MUCH easier to ride than a BMX. That being said, my kid has now pretty much settled on his BMX for all his park, street ... more »

Added reply in a thread 2023 TEAM RUMORS 8/17/2022 3:04 PM

That whole podcast with Martin is amazing. Super impressive person. He definitely made me feel more hopeful about the future of MTB with eso/disco than I have up to this point.

Added reply in a thread 2023 TEAM RUMORS 8/11/2022 12:36 PM

So did Remi! (and he promptly destroyed everyone in a local enduro race in Eureka Springs).

Added reply in a thread Race Promotor's Guide to Running an Awesome Race... 8/9/2022 2:34 PM

Podium is pretty much my biggest complaint. Have a freaking reasonable cutoff time (for enduro) that allows you to host podium at an appropriate time. If people don't turn in their chips by cutoff time, tough shit. I've seen way too many people sleep ... more »

Added reply in a thread What happened to neck braces in DH? 8/9/2022 12:02 PM

Yes. They basically have to use marshalls to make sure that the World Cup DH guys are actually wearing the padding that the rules mandate, from what I understand. I've heard talk of racers taking the padding out of their pads and such to reduce the distraction. ... more »

Added reply in a thread 2023 TEAM RUMORS 8/8/2022 1:05 PM

Leatherwood doesn't have enough elevation, really. The main rumors of actual DH tracks have centered on Mt. Magazine which has a similar prominence to Angelfire. There was a lot of talk about a chairlift going in there, but that seems to have fizzled. ... more »

Added reply in a thread 2023 TEAM RUMORS 8/8/2022 10:07 AM

Yeah. We've had a Pro Cup. It was cool when I was at US Nationals this year and people were all saying at the base, "I wish they had big jumbo viewing screens set up like they did in Fayetteville." We actually do have the elevation for a DH track in ... more »

Added reply in a thread 2023 TEAM RUMORS 8/8/2022 9:43 AM

File this one under "wild rumors" but.... My city's "Cycling Coordinator" recently flew to the MSA world cup to "scout out the possibility of bringing an event here" Now, I haven't spoken with him. I only saw that he was there on his Instagram and talked ... more »

Added reply in a thread 2023 TEAM RUMORS 8/1/2022 9:00 AM

He was on the vital post-race podcast, and evidently he's been pretty focused on Moto this year, as he's skipping the MSA race to go to Lorettas. He did say that the Snowshoe race confirmed to him that Mountain BIking is where his heart is, and he plans ... more »

Added reply in a thread 2023 TEAM RUMORS 8/1/2022 8:58 AM

Not a rumor, but I'm curious if anyone has heard anything about Charlie Harrison's injury from Nats? He's been silent on the socials. Pretty worried about him and feel so bad that he's injured again on his first return race.

Added reply in a thread 2023 TEAM RUMORS 7/28/2022 10:14 AM

One problem (and maybe this is an American one mainly) is that it seems to take a while for Americans to get up to speed on the WC tracks in Europe. Most Americans go over, and it takes them a few years to really get their bearings and start honestly ... more »

Added reply in a thread Unifying the USDH vision and working with USAC - Outlaw's proposal 7/27/2022 12:48 PM

Seems like there's an opportunity here with Redbull now being freed up from contracts with UCI. I've heard a lot of people say you need USAC for event insurance and such, but you all throw your events just fine without that, right? The main issue is ... more »