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Thanks for posting!!! Love ya Vital!

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Great coverage!

This is a crucial message for young racers to hear- race for the love of it and the fun of it, and don't expect anything in return except the satisfaction you get from having a great time. The thrill of racing and pushing our own...more

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it's possible they didn't include it as procore is a fundamentally different system (dual air chambers vs foam insert) so it would have been difficult to make the kind of head to head comparison based on the test methodologies used here

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good fox is testing new sus, their X2's blow up like every other ride. Never seen such an unreliable coil shock.

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I was out riding and ran into a Dad on his E'-bike and he had a strap and was towing his son (on a 24" F/S bike) up the hills..I thought it was pretty sweet.

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They finally Tried Less Designs

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Actually, it has been out much longer than that. I believe we started working on the RUNT in 2012. The first RUNT was designed for the original Lyrik. We have had a lot of set backs and a lot to learn along the way that have delayed it. We have been selling them locally for a few...more

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this title is so much better than pinkbikes haha.

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Tubes. Crazy that it works for him.

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Every time this bike pops up it's equivalent of getting dumped on prom night.

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I think its 46mm but thats off the top of my head. With the negative 8 it should be around 38mm. I didn't do anything to alter the head angle, but reducing the offset will slacken the head angle a tiny bit. I felt the 63 angle on my operator was spot on, so I didn't want to mess with it past what the offset reduction does.

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Pretty sure the first guy on the per-order list is named Jerry. Does it come with a full Giro EWS kit?

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I can smell the burning velcro from here.

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why on gods green earth does that beautiful zerode have EXO casing...

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Honestly with the disgusting amount of offset on the 29 boxxer I'd try the same thing. Those few millimeters make a big handling difference imo

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Cannot wait to see the Ellsworth lifestyle products they're developing.

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bet cushcore wouldnt be wrecked like that...

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lol that rimstrip aint cutting it huh....

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