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2019 Pivot Trail 429 Pro XT/XTR 1X
Vital Review
Overall Review
Pivot's Mach 429 Trail was born from cross-country roots with a hint of some big bike influence. During a previous Vital MTB Test Sessions it wowed us with its incredible sense of efficiency and playful, spritely, rocket ship feel, but it often fell behind when trail conditions got hairy. New for 2019, Pivot has redesigned the frame with a ground-up approach and a clear focus on making the bike more capable. They've tweaked the name as well, and it's now simply referred to as the Trail 429. So, what's different? What's better? We break down the details and give our impressions from an...
Posted by bturman on 5/16/2018 6:20pm
2018 Pivot Mach 5.5 Carbon Team XTR 1x
Overall Review
For those looking to go fast and take chances, increasingly capable components and frames mean mountain biking of all varieties is quickly becoming a more aggressive endeavor. For those simply looking to have a good time, those same improvements ensure added safety and fun on the trail. Today Pivot Cycles introduced an all-new bike that will carry them well into the future – the Mach 5.5 Carbon. Part enduro, part all-mountain, and part trail bike, the new Mach 5.5 brings an interesting mixture of travel, geometry, and technical features to the party. With 140mm of dw-link rear travel and 160mm...
Posted by bturman on 5/17/2017 5:42pm
RockShox Pike - 2018 Fork with Charger 2 Damper
Overall Review
"How easy is it to take the RockShox Pike for granted now? We would’ve killed for this fork eight years ago and now it goes by with a simple sentence or two of gratitude. Thanks Pike, you changed the game and we’re better for it." - Mint Henk, Vital MTB Test Sessions Rider Originally launched in 2013, the RockShox Pike instantly set the benchmark for single-crown fork suspension performance and elevated the capability of every bike it was mounted to. At the time, 26-inch wheeled bikes were still king. Since then we've witnessed a massive shift in trail bikes with even budget builds and short...
Posted by bturman on 4/13/2017 9:25am