Kris Baughman, Moab Freeride Contest, 2000 2

I think this freeride contest may go down as one of the first ever held. The Moab Rim trail area is full of ledges and painful hucks to flat with cement-like landings, so it was the perfect place to see how gnarly riders would get. I remember being so stoked to see Krispy in person, as he was one of the stars of Thor Wixom's Down movie. Dual 24-inch tires, Karpiel and dropping in. He and Lance Canfield hucked a double-ledge drop at the end of the zone IIRC. I took few photos because I used the new-fangled Sony Mavica FD95 digital camera that also took 320x240px video clips (maybe it was 640x480). It wrote the files to a floppy disc and 9 15-second files filled up a floppy. I have no idea where there files went. I did send some to Bike Mag and was paid $50 because they ended up on their website, something quite novel at the time. That was the first money I ever made from mountain bike media and the last time anyone at Bike ever replied when I submitted something LOL.


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