The Bus 18

"The Bus" is a story about friends and fun.
Filmed and edited by Joey Schusler

Additional Footage by Michael Larsen, Mason Lacy, Spencer Lacy, and Andy Kruger

Punching in a Dream, The Naked and Famous
Wagon Wheel, Old Crow Medicine Show
Code Check, People Under the Stairs
Crash, The Primitives
The Sun, The Naked and Famous
Psychotic Girl, The Black Keys

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Credit: Joey Schusler
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  • killwollins

    1/23/2012 10:51 AM

    hey mason! you thirsty?

  • FlowyMcFlowerton

    1/20/2012 6:04 PM

    Holy shit! is right

  • Yuroshek

    1/19/2012 9:55 PM

    Scott_Towns, I was thinkin of this gnarly crash he took...

  • dustboy

    1/19/2012 5:49 PM

    Enjoy that awesome bus and ride it until the cops come..when you get old like me you can't do shit like that any more. NOW GET OFF MY LAWN!

  • k.shiz

    1/19/2012 8:21 AM

    The several hundred gallon Dude-Stew at the end is a good idea. Great video Joey-Joe-Face.

  • Smutok

    1/18/2012 8:32 PM

    That was sweet.

  • Nick_Buckley

    1/18/2012 3:04 PM

    that was freakin nuts!!!!

  • pholange

    1/18/2012 2:04 PM

    great vibe all the way around. glad everyone is still alive. keep up the seeking out. inspiring stuff, even with the heinousness.

  • Scott_Townes

    1/18/2012 1:46 PM

    hahaha holy shit that was insane! I can't believe how fucked up he got... well actually... I'm not. Heal up! Yuroshek- are you talking about when he first met the Metal Mulisha and launched himself on top of their bikes? hahaha

  • JimEG

    1/18/2012 1:37 PM

    How many people after watching this went to CraigsList?

    Sh*t. SOPA black out. Fair enough. Tomorrow.

  • Yuroshek

    1/18/2012 10:59 AM

    Rad video all I thought about when I saw spencer launch was seth enslow huckin a dune! Gnarly crash dude.

  • tarka

    1/18/2012 10:51 AM

    If you collapse a lung, you crashed hard.

  • TSage

    1/18/2012 9:53 AM

    That dude got so thumped. mental.

  • Dlongb13

    1/18/2012 8:49 AM

    That was a crazy sand sledding crash, dude launched! Remember kids, don't try and braces yourself. Tuck those limbs in and go for the roll!

  • Hittheshowers13

    1/18/2012 8:41 AM

    Awesome vid. Pretty much the dream right there, cruising around to epic parts of the West with a bunch of good friends shredding everything in sight. That sand sled crash was so intense, lucky no spinal injuries. Fun day turned fast.

  • Robodonkey713

    1/18/2012 7:15 AM

    That might be the best video I watched all year. Good Job!

  • timlake

    1/18/2012 6:54 AM

    holy shit! that sand sledding crash was gnarly!

  • JRAD

    1/18/2012 6:51 AM

    Ah man that was awsome!!!!!!!!!

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