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Scott Crabill of Go Ride - Downhill Racing, Moab Rim Trail - 2000 - Mountain Biking Pictures - Vital MTB

Karpiel, know the drill!

Credit: gordo
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1 comment

    1/17/2022 5:15 PM

    Rider: Scott Crabill - owner
    Bike: Karpiel Armageddon - VPP/DW before VPP or DW
    Fork: Risse Racing Champ - worked pretty well, but leaked oil constantly.. yes junior, forks used to have oil in them
    Shock: Risse Racing Jupiter 5 - pretty good with compression and rebound adjusters
    Wheels: Sun Ringle Doublewide 24" - take that 29er dweebs
    Tires: Arrow Racing 24x3.0 - may have been tubeless without sealant!
    Brakes: Hayes Mags - it's been 20 years and brakes really aren't much better??
    Cranks & Chainguide: Black Spire - tough as nails, but never really caught on
    Shoes: Shimano "Smurfs" - at least that's what we called them.. super comfy
    Downtube Guard: Go-Ride DTG - product of riding at Bootleg Canyon
    Fork Guards: hand cut from Lexan tubing
    Helmet: too many concussions to remember
    Eyewear: my crazy dog probably ate my goggles.. again

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