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2020 Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Comp Carbon 29 Bike

Featured Member Review

“Best StumpJumper Yet?”

The Good:

Jumping, cornering on smooth trails or berms, the frame construction.

The Bad:

square edge hits

Overall Review: Build I got the EVO as a fill in bike because I needed a bike to race enduro and whatI wanted was not available at the time. When the aluminum bike was released it sparked my interest because the geometry was lifted off a downhill bike, it only had 150mm/140mm of travel, 29 inch wheels and the price was reasonable (I am a shop employee). I had never owned a 29er before this bike and figured it would be a decent bike to learn the wheel size on. I got the S3 which felt good for my 5' 11' height. Since I had ridden the stock aluminum evo, I knew that there were some components that would be replaced out Read More »

OneUp Components Dropper V2 Seatpost

Vital Review

“Tested: 210mm Dropper Post v2 from OneUp Components”

We’ve already spent a lot of time on OneUp’s droppers and we know that they deliver awesome performance at a good price point. But these days, more is always better, so to create v2 OneUp went back to the drawing board and added this whopping long 210mm version to their arsenal of slippery sliders. We've had one out on the trails to test, check out the details and our video review below to learn more. Strengths Weaknesses Very low overall stack height Huge range of sizes available for all three major seat tube diameters Adjustable travel Great reliability Replaceable cartridge design Competitive pricing The Read More »

HT Components X2 Clipless Pedal

“Good and bad luck”

The Good:

Held feet securely.

The Bad:

Hard to clip into. Pedals broke and I was unable to take them apart.

Overall Review: I got a pair of X2's coming from crankbrothers. It took me a little bit to learn how to clip in quickly. Once I learned it wasn't too bad but still stiff to clip in. However the pedals held my feet very well and never came unclipped randomly. Now onto the bad. The bearings would always be coming loose. This wasn't too big of a deal but after about 8 months of using the pedals the nut that holds the pedal together was unable to be tightened. In addition to this, the nut was unable to be removed. It spun in either direction and nothing happened. This of course greatly confused me and everyone I showed. The pedal was Read More »

Shimano Deore XT M8100 Trail Clipless Pedal

“Great, but could be better”

The Good:

Almost everything

The Bad:

minimal cleat/spring adjustment

Overall Review: I love most all Shimano pedals and my only complaint is the lack of cleat options and low usable spring tension. A wider range of float option would be nice or at least a 6 degree float option cleat. I also find myself cranking the spring tension to the max. A bit more high adjustable spring tension would be nice. Besides those small complaints I think they are Shimano's best mountain pedals yet.

TIME MX 8 Clipless Pedal

“Time MX8 Pedal”

The Good:

Very similar weight to Shimano SPD's they replaced. The retention system is the key to their appeal. If your SPD's are not perfectly aligned you can get knee pain , but with the Time brass cleat and wire loop retention you have a nice amount of float both laterally as well as rotation before release. The best pedal I've ever owned. I worry they will update it so I may buy a spare set to keep on hand for new bikes and or some issue that could arise. I have owned several pairs of Time pedals and have never had a mechanical failure or need to crack one open either.

The Bad:

As with everything in cycling you wish it could be even lighter.

Overall Review: Best everyday MTB pedal available.

Shimano XTR M9020 Clipless Pedal

“It's XTR, What Else Needs To Be Said??”

The Good:

As durable as one could ask for. The adjustable tension is handy for wearing cleats.

The Bad:

After many moons and zero maintenance they need pulled apart and greased and adjusted. I wouldn't call it a bad thing, just general maintenance. Can't expect pedals to last forever without any love.

Overall Review: I've had these pedals for years and on multiple bikes and used them for everything from XC to DH shuttle laps to everyday trail riding on a Giant Reign and now a Santa Cruz Hightower. I am not the hardest charger, but I am also not the lightest rider at 270lbs with a high score of almost 30lbs more 2 seasons ago. These pedals just keep putting up with everything and just brush off the poor line choice rock strikes. I am sure the XT pedals are just as good, but when the opportunity arises to get some XTR bling why not take it?

Troy Lee Designs Raid Knee Guard

Featured Member Review

“Favorite Knee pads ”

The Good:

These pads fit really well, don's have any problems with slipping down, provide great protection, can be worn as a DH knee pad in the park or even when trail riding/climbing

The Bad:

Only one strap may deter some people, and the fit may not be right for some people (helps to have calves haha)

Overall Review: As someone who rode with the same pair of 661 Kyle Strait knee pads for about 8 years, I was constantly searching for replacement options. Over a course of 2 years or so, I went from shop to shop trying on pads from just about every manufacturer, but could not find one I was happy with. They all were either too bulky/hot/ felt like they would slip or just overall were not comfortable. When TLD launched the raid pad I was a bit skeptical as I have tried their previous knee pads and found them stiff/extremely uncomfortable. However as soon as I tried these on, I was shocked. The pads offer tons of Read More »

POC Joint VPD 2.0 Knee Pad

“Best Knee Pads I've Owned ”

The Good:

They stay up, always, riding or crashing they don't slip all while maintaining complete range of motion. They protect well when I have crashed. They are comfortable. They last, I got over 2 years out of my first pair, over a year into second pair.

The Bad:

Can't find anything bad, I would love to try these exact pad with a thin layer of plastic on the outside so they slide even smoother.

Overall Review: I wear these pads every ride, I love them. 

Fox Racing Enduro Knee Sleeve

“Have 2 pairs”

The Good:

Far better protection than none. Pretty comfortable for pedalling

The Bad:

Minimal protection compared to some, but it’s where I chose in the protection/comfort trade off. I have some Danise “trail skins”. More protection, less pedaling comfort. (I run their elbow guards - lots of sharp rocks where I ride)

Overall Review: Sizing is important. Not adjustable, relying on size, and silicon grip strips. I pull my cycling tights over the top and this helps stopping them sliding down during the ride. See “the good, and the bad” Recommend.

7iDP Sam Hill Lite Knee Pad

“Sam Hill Lite Knee Pad”

The Good:

Lite, Comfortable, breathes well

The Bad:

Not a ton of protection but that's the point

Overall Review: I love these pads!. These pads are my go to trail pads. They are perfect for long XC type rides or for when its a little cold out. The fit and feel are first class and they always stay up on your leg. I would not recommend them for rocky or aggressive riding or DH. These are also my pads for hot rides like doing "The Whole Enchilada" trail in Moab. I strongly recommend these pads and they really complement the regular Sam Hill pads.