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2019 BMC Agonist 01 One Bike

“Nice looking but Fragile”

The Good:

Middle ground geometry, good for climbing, comfortable going down hill

The Bad:

Very fragile frame, it cracked after only 5 months of use

Overall Review: After close to 12 year using Specialized carbon frames I decided to switch to BMC as the dealer I used to buy my bikes from didn't carry Specialized anymore. He convinced me to try the Agonist One 01 and I got into it because I was looking for something in between the master climber Epic and the comfy SJ. The 110 travel both front and rear called my attention plus a more decent price than Specialized got my to try BMC for the first time this year in June. i was quite happy with my new Agonist until just few weeks ago when my mechanic spotted an ugly crack in the frame. I hadn’t had any big crashes so he said I must have came Read More »

Shimano XTR M9020 Clipless Pedal

“Shimano M9120 review”

The Good:

Great platform, with added support compared to the old version. Lightweight, nice bearings, spins great!

The Bad:

The sealing at the inner side of the spindle comes out very easy. Even when positioned back it makes it's way out.

Overall Review: The pedal function and performance is best in class. Very nice and thoughtful design that just works all the time. The increased contact surface is really tangible, I exeperiece way less foot numbness if any despite I use it on a road bike which is more of a static load on the body and on the feet. My only complaint is the seals on the spindle that never stays in it's place. For a pedal that cost this much and being a flagship model of Shimano this is not acceptable!

2020 Airborne Plague 27.5

Vital Review

“At $2,699, Is the Airborne Plague Really *Sick*?”

Airborne Bicycles, the direct-to-consumer bike brand out of Ohio, has been in the game for over twenty years and for 2020, they have a new, 27.5-inch-wheeled enduro bike dubbed the Plague. Airborne has always focused on affordable two-wheelers and considering the $2,699 price tag of the Plague, they've kept their eye on the budget-minded prize. We wanted to see what a bike that looked fun on paper, with minimal impact to our stack of paper, could do. Airborne Plague Highlights 160mm rear travel with RockShox Monarch RT Debonair 170mm front travel with RockShox Lyrik Select Charger RC Ultimate Debonair SRAM NX Eagle 1x12 Read More »

Zipp 3ZERO MOTO Wheelset

Vital Review

“Through the Wringer: Vital's Long-Term Test of Zipp's 3Zero Moto Wheelset”

Earlier this year we had the opportunity to spend some time aboard Zipp’s 3ZERO MOTO wheelset. While our initial impressions were mostly positive, we knew that a more thorough test was required to offer an educated opinion on whether or not Zipp’s claims of compliance and traction were marketing jargon or legitimate improvements over traditional wheelsets. Since our initial piece, our 3ZERO MOTO wheels have been used and abused throughout the Sea to Sky corridor of British Columbia and made the trip to World Championships at Monte Sainte Anne. They have put in miles on a short-travel Norco Fluid where bottom outs are Read More »

Crankbrothers Mallet DH Clipless Pedals

“Excellent overall with one or two minuses”

The Good:

Durable, flat pedal feel, with the added benefit of being clipped in.

The Bad:

a bit tricky to set up, clicking in not as positive as other pedals

Overall Review: I've been running the same pair for 2+ years on my DH bike doing about 25 or so days of riding a year. That is probably closing in on 400 runs for about 800,000k of vertical.  The pedals are still working flawlessly without any servicing.  These perform excellently in the mud and the wet.  We have very clay like soil here and I can clip in, even with gunk all over my shoes, though I do have to take a bit more care. What I really like about them is the way they feel like flats. I feel solidly connected to the bike and feel I can really push into the pedals in the corners, in the air, Read More »

HT Components M1 Clipless Pedal

“Tight & light ”

The Good:

Very tight
Good looking

The Bad:

Almost spd cleat

Overall Review: I've used various SPDs through the years and heard that these could be cranked tighter and for the price or an XT pedal weighted as much as XTR. As a long time user of SPD on multiple bikes it is kinda annoying to have a bike with non SPDs so I have to remember to bring the right shoes for the ride. But the quality seems great, I haven't had any issues other than fallinb over with my bike still attached to me. The bike I put them on has a loooowww BB so pedal strikes unclipped my SPDs a lot but doesn't seem to happen as much with these. 

7iDP Sam Hill Knee Pad

“Sam Hill Knee”

The Good:

Fit is outstanding, comfortable, solid protection

The Bad:

They rip easy, firm when cold.

Overall Review: I have no issues going on a 4 hour ride with these on, provided it is not too hot. They stay in place and seem to provide a good level of protection for trail and enduro riding. I haven't put that claim to use yet though.  They are also super easy to clean.  I've had these for a year, and the two major complaints I have is that the rear mesh rips very easily and they are stiff when cold.  My flat pedals grazed them a couple times on hike a bikes and they are all ripped in the rear now.  It doesn't affect the fit or if they move though.  Second, when it is cold forget putting these on, they are stiff!  But they are comfortable, stay in place, and offer good protection.  

e*thirteen TRS Plus 12-Speed Cassette

Vital Review

“First Ride: E*thirteen TRS Plus 9-50t Cassette”

USbrand e*thirteen has been making replacement cassettes for a while now, going through several iterations of their design based around a split cassette body. Originally a three-piece construction, they’ve now settled on two pieces but still with the same goal of providing more range at less weight and at competitive prices. We’ve had one out on the trails for about one month by now, check out the details and see the cassette in action in our video review below. Strengths Weaknesses Huge gear range Competitive weight Competitive price Sensitive to chain drop while backpedaling in lower gears Slightly “clunkier Read More »

DMR V-Twin Clipless Pedal

“Monster Trucking Pedals ”

The Good:

Big platform, Big range of adjustability when it comes to platform heights and clip in resistance. Reliable and easy to service with non specialised tools. Built like "brick outhouses" and should outlive Wellgo flat pedals.

The Bad:

On the heavy side.

Overall Review: These are just well made and thought out quality pedals.

SixSixOne DBO Knee Pad

Vital Review

“First Ride: 661 Recon Advanced Body Armor and DBO Knee/Elbow Pads”

15years ago, a certain 17 year old kid made Rampage history, and his protection sponsor would soon leave its mark on the mountain bike world as well. I’m talking about Kyle Strait and 661 of course – everybody remembers that suicide no hander, and I’m pretty sure everybody has owned a pair of 661 Kyle Strait kneepads as well at some point. Fast forward to 2019, and Kyle is still throwing those suis off massive cliffs, and 661 is still making protection. After a bit of a slump, the brand is on the comeback trail, and they’ve launched a bunch of new products recently with more to come. Strengths Weaknesses Read More »