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Troy Lee Designs 5450 Long Knee Guards

“Not bad at all”

The Good:

The hits these things can take is so insane!! They fit under the jeans and are somewhat breathable...

The Bad:

I have heard of these slipping.. Whether that’s true or not I don’t know, mine haven’t!! Otherwise pedals and things can dig underneath the pad from up top of the knee

Overall Review: Great for the riders who don’t get overly tricky on the bike... Otherwise for those who are always getting tricky and ejecting and getting caught up in the bike during frequent crashes I 70% recommend these for you 

100% Armega Goggles

Vital Review

“Tested: 100% Armega Goggle”

We've been fans of 100% goggles for quite some time already now, so when the all-new Armega was released last year, we wasted little time grabbing a pair to test. Five months down the line, our initial positive impressions have been confirmed with the goggle performing very well over the course of numerous long days out in all kinds of conditions. Check out the video review and the highlights below to learn more! Strengths Weaknesses Comfortable High optical clarity Lenses are easy to replace with quick release system Well ventilated Robust construction Can feel a bit tight around the outer edge compared to other goggle brands Read More »

2019 Scott Genius 930 Bike

“All Trail Beast”

The Good:

Balanced, stable, fast descents, great climbing

The Bad:

Tires are fast and light but not good for rocky climbs. More of an XC tire. Going to try the new Dissector's.
Wish it had come with a chain ring bash guard.

Overall Review: Perfect all mountain bike for Oklahoma gnar.  Handles rock garden climbs and descents like a champ. I take the occasional trips to downhill parks so I wanted something capable for jumping but more suited for everyday rocky terrain with lots of short punchy climbs.   This bike is great for my needs. I know some people hate on the twin loc but I love twin loc for my type of riding.  I definitely use it often when climbing or when I'm in a slow grind section to minimize fork dive between rocks.  

2019 Polygon Siskiu N9 29 Bike

Featured Member Review

“Exceptional value in a full suspension Enduro style bike”

The Good:

Components. Solid construction. Exceptional value.

The Bad:

The Eagle GX can be tricky to dial in.

Overall Review: The term "game-changer" gets thrown around pretty loosely these days. Having said that, this bike has been a game-changer for me! Coming from an XC\Light trail bike from GIANT, I was looking for an Enduro style set up that I could grow into as my skills improved. I took literally months reading and watching reviews. With a firm grasp on what to look for in bike geometry, components and build quality, the search began for the best value. I narrowed things down to 3 companies. Polygon became the clear winner. Other bikes with comparable components were pushing over$1000 more! Out of my range. The bike: My medium frame 29er Read More »

2019 Rocky Mountain Altitude Powerplay Carbon 70 E-Bike

“I love this bike!”

The Good:

Smooth, powerful, and quiet motor. Great handling and geometry. Battery charges fast and lasts long. Most fun I have ever had riding a mountain bike!

The Bad:

It is expensive, but sometimes you get what you paid for.

Overall Review: This bike rips! It goes when you pedal and stops when you don't. The components are great, the ebikemotion app is easy to use, and I don't have anything bad to say about this bike.

OneUp Components Carbon Handlebar

Vital Review

“Compliance and Tool Storage: OneUp Carbon Handlebar and EDC Stem Tested”

There has been a lot of talk about compliant cockpits lately, as component makers seek to provide a more comfortable experience with less fatigue as the potential reward. OneUp Components has taken the 35mm diameter cockpit design one step further by giving the bar an oval shape that tapers off through the transition zone, in an effort to provide vertical compliance while maintaining horizontal stiffness. As for the stem, OneUp has managed to ditch the good old starnut in favor of an external preload system that frees up space inside the steerer tube to store a multi-tool. We’ve had this innovative combo out on Read More »

Marzocchi Z1 Coil Fork

Vital Review

“A Legend Reborn? Testing The New 2020 Marzocchi Z1 Coil Fork”

Afew years ago, Marzocchi resurrected the Z1 to much anticipation. While damper technology has moved on from the open-bath systems of old, there was disappointment in some circles that the coils of the original fork were passed up in favor of a standard FOX air spring – Marzocchi's parent company. While air-sprung forks have come a long way in terms of sensitivity and a reduction in running friction, there's no shortage of riders who swear by (or at least reminisce about) the uber-sensitive plushness of a coil. Early Marzocchi coil forks from the original Z1 Bomber to the Shiver and the 888 are the stuff of message board and Read More »

2019 Mondraker Foxy Carbon XR 29 Bike

“crazy spanish machine”

The Good:

geometry, weight, all the parts - wheels, drivetrain, brakes, suspension

The Bad:

weight? no chain guide as standard, a little light on the protection

Overall Review: I picked this up at a black friday sale, 45% discount... wow. I rode a few different 29er 160ish bikes this year, all good in their own right, but this was the machine that left an impression on me... so when i stumbled across this deal, I pulled the trigger. And it rocks. Wish it did have a bit more travel but thats nit picking.  It might be too light, lets see. And the parts covering it are all what I would have spec'd if I could have, except for the stem/bar, but thats fine too. oh, and a 175mm dropper vs 150... strange it came with no chainguide/bash, but I added one... but this thing makes up for any of those little annoyances with its composure up and down! And when its going down, it can fly... !

Onyx MTB Rear Hub

Vital Review

“SPIN FOREVER! Onyx Racing's Silent MTB Hub Review”

There's ZERO noise, too. When you all you can hear is tires ripping into turns it's truly an awesome sensation. You start to pick up on things you wouldn't otherwise notice, like the sounds of your surroundings or that floppy cable you should probably address. Just be mindful when coming up on others and give a holler because you basically come a high-speed MTB trail ninja. The sprag clutch mechanism inside provides instant engagement with a gently damped feel instead of the slop or clunk you may be accustomed to with a pawl-style hub. In our view, this makes for an altogether better ride experience across a variety of Read More »

Shimano M530 Clipless Pedal

“Great beginner clip less pedals. ”

The Good:

Low price, works well, adjustable clip tension, large platform

The Bad:

Weight (maybe🤷🏻‍♂️)

Overall Review: I’ve had these pedals for five years now and have put them on several different bikes. They are currently on my gravel bike where they’re likely to stay. These pedals have a solid design, spin well and haven’t developed any creaks. They clear mud with no problem and just work.  I’ve switched back to flats for mountain bikes but found these worked well for long trail rides and laps at the bike park.  Buy them if you want to check out clipless pedals for the first time, aren’t concerned about branding or just want a cheap set for your commuter. They’re great.