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Erin Roberts
I ride because I cannot fly; I ride because it's the most freeing, independent extrinsic activity I am capable of... I ride because someone once told me that girls can't.

Micayla says, "Erin Roberts' comment really left an impression on me because one of the most driving factors as to why I push myself as hard as I do on my bike is because of the stereotype that girly girls can't ride."

Micayla picked her favorites and we helped narrow them down, choosing Erin as the winner.

Micayla had the following to say about her favorite comments:

"spankthewan" - I ride because my bike always comes through when I am wondering what I should do to entertain myself. There is no team to organize, no boat to launch, and no gas tank to refill. All of these freedoms and endless possibilities are available with just a short walk to the garage.
Micayla: This is so true! I love it!  It's simply put, clean and to the point. I hate team sports, although I must say trying to organize a decent group of guys to go downhilling is like herding squirrels!

"veach" - I ride because people used to make fun of me for wearing my helmet around town.
Micayla: I laughed at this one.

"Parkin Bro's" - I ride to impress Micayla Gatto
Micayla: I absolutely love the parkin bro's and think it's adorable and awesome that they put this comment.  Honourable mention for sure!!!

Thanks for playing and stay tuned for more ways to win custom-painted helmets from Micayla Gatto and Pro-Tec

(Keep in mind this a showpiece and the artwork is fragile. Riding in it, not recommended.)


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