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this was sick to watch with it bein one of my favourite runs at whistler!

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its simple, i ride because there is no greater sport out there, no sport where i could just enjoy a day of riding because it was with family or friends. i ride purely because its a true passion, mountain biking can take you anyway and its taken me everywhere. its a world-wide sport full of adventure, from hittin the trails or jumps to a fun trip to whistler, and it means everything to me, no cheezyness involved here, its straight up fact. most importantly its a sport we can all do together that has healthy, friendly competition to push you to another level. but with so much in its aura of greatness theres one thing that shines above all, and thats that i can enjoy this sport with those who are closest to me, my friends and family. theres just no sport like it

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alright thanks

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what seems to be the preference on frame size when it comes to dj bikes?

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