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Can you combine the high pivot concept with the internally geared hub in the seat post a la the Zerode G1?

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Max power feels the same as saint with same rotor/pad combination, modulation especially in the rear is easier, don't lock the wheel that quickly

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I spent a season on Huck Norris, and just recently moved to Cush Core. The Huck Norris was not really helpful as a rear tire insert. I still was snake biting tubelessly, and it provided no support, even the DH version. I took a break from inserts, shredded a few more tires, and then gave Cush Core a go. It's really a huge improvement, and I can take stupid lines now without hurting my tire, in addition to the massive support they offer. I think a critical aspect of Cush Core is that it hooks into the central channel of the rim, providing a firm foundation for sidewall support. I'm skeptical that these can provide the same.

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I just put this shock on my 1st gen smuggler two weeks ago, what timing! Regarding the wear on the shock body. I noticed that there was some play at the top eyelet, seems as though the spacers (fox brand for the igus bushing setup) were a fraction to thin. Interestingly, I swapped the stock dvo igus bushings for the fox brand, and the play went away. So there are some tolerance differences there. Maybe the DVO brand hardware is different every so slightly?

Out of curiosity, what was your air pressure in the can? Rebound settings? I'm just shy of 200 lbs with gear, running 162 psi in the air can, 180 in the bladder (maybe I should bump this up, risk of cavitation high?), 6-7 clicks out from closed on the rebound, and also am running to spacers in the pos chamber.

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