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I think you're right given the update PB just posted about him walking again. I'm so happy to hear he is recovering so fast! Only 40 days after his spinal injury he is already walking... nothing can stop the bulldog!!!

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I was at the Whistler bike park this past Saturday and I saw Remi Gauvin riding what looked to be a raw aluminum DH prototype that was awfully similar looking to the new Slayer... Do you guys think they will come back to DH racing or are they just designing ... more »

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I read in an article on PB that says Hill always removes the inside pins on his pedals so he can adjust his foot positioning.

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Thanks for the posting this since we don't all have IG! I've always had a ton of respect for this guy but this response is petty and childish. No wonder he wanted interview questions in advance... lol. That's what you get for riding carbon cranks!

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So Far So Good


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Apparently some people struggle to understand sarcasm on the internet...

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I thought they were going to change the beginning and possibly ditch the boardwalks?

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Lapierre - We have the tallest top tube

GT - Hold my beer

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Also, there were plenty of these Specialized 29er prototypes floating around. I met an unsponsored guy down at Steven's Pass last summer on one who got it from a friend who was sponsored...

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Great review! I was going to leave one but you covered just about everything... lol. The one thing I would like to add is that the actual quality of the machining is amazing. As a former machinist I went over mine with a fine tooth comb and it was just about perfect! As for your issue with color matching, black matches everything!

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Screw the tires, I'm just stoked to see he is out riding again!!!

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Embargo scramble sounds like a delicious Cuban breakfast

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If you ask me, that pedal is definitely a Mallet.

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That looks like an old World Champs jersey... he has been on Mondraker for the last few years and it has been stated several times in this thread that he is moving to a new bike sponsor.

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I heard the same thing... it also only comes in aluminum.

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HAHAHAHAHA! I thought that couch looked familiar!

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But what's the password?! lol...

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Wasn't Waki the one who used to draw the comic clues?! I know he is a troll but it could be something...

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You are definitely lucky then... I had a reverb for a few years and that thing was unreliable and WAY too expensive to rebuild. The last time it died I just bought a BrandX dropper for the price of a rebuild, problem solved.

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Sorry, I totally disagree with your format... but I love the idea of giving the riders a heads up of what their line would score ahead of time. Especially if this is done early on to give them the opportunity to change things up if need be. Also, I think letting them submit what tricks they want to do on what features ahead of time and then give them a maximum possible score prior to the event could help even the playing field and let the riders better manage the risks they are taking.

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