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awesome comments and response from all of you! thanks so much. i even had a couple audio responses sent as well as some email responses since this went up. re: derby photo - that trail looks so freaking fun and it's a rad shot from sven that illustrated a machine-built...more

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I've been mountain biking for quite awhile now (1988). I've owned many different bikes over the years, DH, Freeride, Enduro, trai, etc. I recently bought an Ebike and I will never go back to a mechanical/traditional mtb.
I've found climbing to actually be creative and FUN now!-having the ability to pop off of...more

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Feels like a rant that was a long time coming. I am not going for popularity on Vital here, any pro ebike comments gets knocked pretty quickly online. I believe pedal assist ebikes are simply not a problem. Sure they are not as fun, most days I agree with that, and that’s why mine hasn’t been ridden even once in...more

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Judging from the ratio of up-votes to down-votes you have, I would say that it's you who is out of touch with the MTB industry and what end users are looking for.

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'Democrats, or Republicans' was not mentioned. I hope you do see the relevance of the cost of cycling goods to a cycling site though. News that will most likely affect everyone should just be seen as that, news, not bias. Plus, this article had good arguments...more

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Well Damn! First GT I am actually interested in riding/testing out in 20 years! Kudos

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Great work! So good...

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I am in the same boat (29" to 27.5" - sold the 27.5" and went back to riding my 29"). Bikes: Evil Following / Evil Calling Height: 6'3"

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Haha - "Double rim job"

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Slide two – Scott Gambler suggestion?

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I know that wheel size is a bid deal and could give someone a slight advantage, but I am curious why no one is concerned or up in arms with the fact that there are different rear travel bikes in DH? I am curious why we are all focusing on one aspect of the bike. Ya might say that brake rotors should have a limit in size too. Just tossing out ideas as I am frustrated with all wheel discussions.

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Evil Uprising (Warranty issues)

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Over the past 12 months, I rode: 10% DJ 40% AM 50% Downhill I hope to get on the AM bike a bit more than the DH bike this year, time will tell though.

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this was one of the best 17 questions yet. Thanks Spomer

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A new team, but still riding a Demo. Yea that would be sweet and pretty funny at the same time.

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Correct, he rolled back into the game, but had a few setbacks this season. He talks about his issue a bit in the link below.

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