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Welcome mountain bikers! It’s been a long two weeks. I’m glad you’re back for our third episode of Vital MTB’s The Inside Line podcast. My guest this week is Craig Glaspell, but most of you probably know him as Stikman. Stik has a LONG history in our sport as a mechanic, team manager, husband to Leigh Donovan, rumor and gossip mill instigator, marketing guru, but most importantly, he’s possibly mountain biking’s number one fan. When I was new to the sport, I remember hanging on every post of his MTB rumor blog, and then getting within a digital arm’s reach of his history through banter and battles on Ridemonkey back in the early 2000’s. His posts were always insightful, but man, he could really get under my skin and it’s safe to say I didn’t like him back then. My ignorance combined with his ability to troll me at the time is now a something I look back on fondly.

Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of spending some time with Stik, but this interview we had back on December 14, really showed me how much he cares for our sport and how his straight-shooting candor is always a breath of fresh air. Stik shares some funny stories that resulted from, why downhill racing took a downturn, concussions and the future of our sport. I hope you enjoy the history, the tales, insight and honesty with Stik as much as I did.

Every other Wednesday we will launch new episodes of The Inside Line. Please tune in while at work, on the trail or on the road. -spomer

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