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Welcome mountain bikers! It’s been a long two weeks. I’m glad you’re back for our third episode of Vital MTB’s The Inside Line podcast. My guest this week is Craig Glaspell, but most of you probably know him as Stikman. Stik has a LONG history in our sport as a mechanic, team manager, husband to Leigh Donovan, rumor and gossip mill instigator, marketing guru, but most importantly, he’s possibly mountain biking’s number one fan. When I was new to the sport, I remember hanging on every post of his MTB rumor blog, and then getting within a digital arm’s reach of his history through banter and battles on Ridemonkey back in the early 2000’s. His posts were always insightful, but man, he could really get under my skin and it’s safe to say I didn’t like him back then. My ignorance combined with his ability to troll me at the time is now a something I look back on fondly.

Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of spending some time with Stik, but this interview we had back on December 14, really showed me how much he cares for our sport and how his straight-shooting candor is always a breath of fresh air. Stik shares some funny stories that resulted from, why downhill racing took a downturn, concussions and the future of our sport. I hope you enjoy the history, the tales, insight and honesty with Stik as much as I did.

Every other Wednesday we will launch new episodes of The Inside Line. Please tune in while at work, on the trail or on the road. -spomer

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  • anonDH

    2/27/2017 3:23 PM

    Hahahahahaha I just heard Stik got kicked out of a supercross after party!!!! From what I heard, walked in, well known motocross racer looked at him and said get the F out

  • Stiksandstones

    6/24/2017 11:18 AM

    You are still on this dopey rumor? Mcgrath told someone, about 10 yrs ago, to "not invite that stikman guy to my property ever again" while I was on a photo shoot for a monster truck jump. And as I told your poser ass on pinkbike when you tried to stir this lame rumor, I haven't been to a supercross after party since Las Vegas in the 90's. So yes, you are an idiot on pinkbike and on vital-congrats.

  • bizutch

    2/27/2017 4:48 PM

    Well known Supercrosser sounds like a bitter dlck

  • anonDH

    2/28/2017 6:46 AM

    Allegedly it may have been jeremy mcgrath

  • TuTh Rider

    2/28/2017 12:45 PM

    This is getting good...

  • locotiki

    2/16/2017 9:04 AM

    Started listening to this podcasting thinking "who the hell is this guy" but really enjoyed it and found it all very interesting. Craig, huge thanks to you and TLD for supporting the groms and recognizing the importance of keeping the focus for them on having fun. This was really refreshing to hear. Being a dad of a little ripper myself I can't tell you how much help it is when companies recognize the scary amount of talent that many of these kids have and offer to help out. Not only does it boost the kids confidence levels and make them feel really proud of themselves but it also helps us parents take the sting out of what would normally be a very expensive sport. Thanks again for everything you are doing!

  • cmkneeland

    2/11/2017 5:29 AM

    Great episodes man. Keep them coming.


    2/10/2017 7:41 AM

    As somebody who's old enough to remember Big Bear hey days I'd say the whole e-bike fear reminds me of snowboards coming into the ski resorts back in the 90's. It's a socially driven fear and a fitness pride that drives that kind of stupidity. There's already not enough trails. More user restrictions will come as populations increase.

  • TuTh Rider

    2/9/2017 11:33 AM

    I am very much looking forward to additional conversations with Craig. I can't get enough of those stories from the early days in mountain biking as well as his thoughts on the current state of bikes in general.

  • ripdogg1

    2/9/2017 6:27 AM

    Awesome! This is what it's all about. What's next? Can we hear from Team Robot and find out what the hell happened?

  • Stiksandstones

    2/9/2017 9:50 AM

    Robot found god last I heard.

  • ripdogg1

    2/9/2017 11:07 AM

    I heard that too. It still would've been nice if he left us with a good night and god bless. Maybe he was raptured.

  • bizutch

    2/9/2017 5:06 AM

    The 3 most enjoyable parts of it were perspective on our sport that young people or new folks to the sport wouldn't know.
    1. Kids gravity bikes still in their infancy along with bike parks so lots of potential for growth
    2. Troy Lee product started out in MTB
    3. The role of Big Bear shutting down DH in hampering corporate sponsor access to our X Games appeal

    Oh, and the Lance effect was massive. Robin Williams himself was in our bike shop in Asheville the day I built up my 1st Intense Uzzi DH. He agreed to sponsor me that day on the spot. For those that don't know, he road in the US Postal support car at most TdF's.

    And you are not a downer. You're honest.

  • JCL

    2/8/2017 10:32 PM

    Way to make Trump seem like fun.

  • Stiksandstones

    2/9/2017 9:52 AM

    My mission in life, to make Trump seem fun.

  • MattPatt

    2/8/2017 9:13 PM

    That was rad Stikman! Listened all the way through and enjoyed the stories and hearing your perspective on where we're at and going... Appreciate the shout-out to those of us who build trails! Thanks bru, ride on!

  • Stiksandstones

    2/8/2017 9:46 PM

    Thank you Matt, hard to pack a lifetime of bike-geekery into an hour, but, maybe chapter II. Always give it up to trail builders, without them, we are nothing, we are fun-less.

  • Sven Martin

    2/8/2017 8:54 PM

    Brendans last sector splits have improved since 2015 season. He no longer fades. I feel if the tracks were more interesting we would see him closer or on the podium. - Oh and check you emails stik.

  • Stiksandstones

    2/8/2017 9:45 PM

    Yes, its those insta-story Gym workouts, Olly-fitness!. I will check them mails bru.

  • Eoin

    2/10/2017 10:56 AM

    The people want Sven on the podcast, and the people want it to be a series of episodes as he surely has way too many good stories to share, wouldn't fit in an hour!

  • gmcgurk57

    2/8/2017 7:52 PM

    You're killing it with these spomer. I know it's already been said, but this is seriously the only bike podcast worthy of my not so precious time. I'm only halfway through this episode, but as a rider that didn't seriously start following the sport until 2012, it's rad getting to hear Craig talk about the "good ole days" of mountain biking. He may be a bit of a downer, but it's refreshing to hear someone from the industry give an honest opinion for once. Also rad that he likes to get a rise out of some of the figures in the bike industry. It seems like the industry as a whole is such a circle jerk these days. We need more people like Craig to keep it from getting too serious. Keep these coming spomer!

  • Stiksandstones

    2/8/2017 8:14 PM

    Changing my insta name to "BitOfAdowner" stat! haha. I have only been in this industry since I was a teen so I can't speak for other scenes (snow, skate, surf, silicon valley, etc) but yeah, so much circle jerking going on-people getting jobs or deals based on schmooze and not much talent or work ethic-so I think you are correct in your assumptions.

  • funkyfunpuff

    2/8/2017 2:50 PM

    Awesome job. Thanks so much.

  • Stiksandstones

    2/8/2017 7:10 PM

    Thanks for taking your time in listening.

  • mp

    2/8/2017 2:12 PM

    Remarkable that for a someone that loves the good times/good vibes thing you sure come across as a bit of a downer. Hope the best for Missy and Leigh. Head injuries are really serious business.
    And the memories of the ridemonkey days are still pretty fresh... it wasn't that long ago.

  • Stiksandstones

    2/8/2017 7:12 PM

    I've been called an asshole, curmudgeon, bitter prick, jerk, and being called "A bit of a downer" means I am making great progress. We should hang out sometime, I can bring you down, you sound like you are too high on life.

  • manhattanprjkt83

    2/8/2017 1:54 PM

    I am w/ Stik, can't believe this is the first decent podcast for our world...

  • Stiksandstones

    2/8/2017 7:13 PM

    We can at least agree on that haha. So many rubbish podcasts for bike, refreshing stuff Spomer has going on here-even if I brought down the mood from Lopes and Eliot lol.

  • al.boneta

    2/8/2017 1:52 PM

    Amazing interview! Craig has become the elder statesman of the Mountain Bike world. Thanks for everything you have done to improve our sport

  • Stiksandstones

    2/8/2017 7:14 PM

    Ah man, thanks Al, thanks to you too for getting more people on bicycles! ORANGE CYCLE peeps!

  • bikeboardorblade

    2/8/2017 12:47 PM

    Great work sspomer and stickman! Loved hearing the about the old days!

  • Stiksandstones

    2/8/2017 7:14 PM

    Thanks! I can ramble on far too long about yesteryear, glad someone can get a kick out of some old school stories.

  • Hristo_Tanev

    2/8/2017 12:38 PM

    yeah boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii great podcast!

  • Stiksandstones

    2/8/2017 7:15 PM

    thanks broooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • branthavro

    2/8/2017 9:40 AM

    Super good interview. I'd love to meet this guy.

  • Stiksandstones

    2/8/2017 7:15 PM

    I will be pretending to be a pro DH / Endur-bro / Freehucker at Irvine park or Norco 3-4 times a week, lets shred!

  • Stiksandstones

    2/8/2017 7:18 AM

    Can't believe you have this guy on, he's a jackass...especially on the heels of greats like Eliot Jackson and Brian Lopes, cancelling my subscription! Ohh wait, it's free. lol. Thanks for the opportunity to ramble on and chat about bikes....about time there is a good podcast series.

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