2016 World Championships Downhill Race Action

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One run is all that matters and the UCI DH MTB World Championships format never disappoints. Rachel makes history, Danny Hart grabs another win and Finn Iles goes from stretcher to checkers in an incredible weekend of racing. Let the photos and interviews from Sven Martin, Duncan Philpott, @maddogboris and Dan Hearn do the story telling from a drama-filled day on the mountain.

Vital thanks Sven, Duncan, Boris and Dan for their unrelenting desire to share the best images and stories from the fastest mountain bike racing with us. They make our sport great and we are proud to showcase their work here. YEWWW! 

2016 World Champs DH Full Results

  • Brock_Fisher

    9/12/2016 2:56 PM

    I wanna see the photo of Thirions bike after his run. Word on the street is the frame was bent and the suspension link broke as well.

  • phillemaistre

    9/12/2016 7:46 AM

    So many great stories here. Danny, Rachel, Gwin, Greenland, Iles, Kerr, Pompon, Manson... Photojournalism at it's finest. Thanks so much for the great coverage. The Troy/Rach convo was hilarious...

  • bizutch

    9/12/2016 6:06 AM

    Any word on the female rider who clipped the tree with her helmet, but then slammed her head on a rock at the end of the fall? She got up, finished, handed her bike to an official at the finish and then immediately collapsed. I saw a glimpse of her on the video feed. An injury report on all those unfortunate riders would be appreciated

  • matmattmatthew

    9/12/2016 12:12 PM

    They said on the broadcast that she collapsed and was crying because she wanted to do really well (it was her home course). The guy she handed the bike to was her coach/team manager. Rob and Claudio initially thought she was injured but then realized she was crying/emotional because of disappointment. (although I'm sure she was hurting after the adrenaline wore off)

  • bizutch

    9/12/2016 12:25 PM

    Huh? Did she know where there was a secret and magical wormhole to teleport down?

  • matmattmatthew

    9/12/2016 12:31 PM

    What don't you understand? She crashed, got back on her bike, rode to the bottom, was pissed about her performance/crash, handed her bike off to her mechanic/manager, and collapsed on the ground crying.

  • bizutch

    9/12/2016 1:13 PM

    What I don't understand is how she could be so mentally delusional to think she would even come close on winning...or to lay down like a baby and cry.
    Now, if her mental capacity to stand up from taking a concussive blow to the head was why she collapsed, I could "understand". Capece?

  • jimmypop

    9/12/2016 6:50 PM

    This comment and the one below it are terrible. Are you a terrible person?

  • bizutch

    9/12/2016 8:03 PM

    So you are perfectly fine with a World Cup racer pitching a tear tantrum a foot from the finish line and just laying down right there in front of everyone and pouting? And no, she DID NOT have even the slightest of chances of winning lest it monsoon rain immediately following her run.

    You cannot be upset about something that improbable. It makes no sense.

    I would fully understand if she were injured or knocked for a loop and doing it. My only concussion was on my moto. I insisted that a neighbor was racing my bike that day instead of me. So, that I have a ton of empathy for.

  • funkyfunpuff

    9/11/2016 10:28 PM

    Another awesome slide show. Thanks for the super sweet coverage.

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