The Inside Line Listener Response - The Bermification of Mountain Biking? 34

Are we making mountain biking too easy with so many new flow trails? The Inside Line podcast listeners respond with their thoughts.

Welcome mountain bikers. A question was asked at the beginning of last week’s The Inside Line episode with Shimano’s Joe Lawwill. I wanted to try something new this year, to engage more with you, the listener, and I’m blown away by your responses. So much so, that I’m taking your feedback to create supplemental podcast episodes with your opinions on the topic brought up.

So, I began wondering why so many new mountain bike trails seem to be flow trails instead of natural trails. I wondered how this may impact the future of our sport. Are we making MTB too easy in general or do the benefits of getting new riders out on the bike safely outweigh any potential boredom long-time riders might experience on a flow trail.

You all showed up with some great, diverse responses. There were even a few brave souls who recorded their thoughts and a bunch wrote in to weigh in on the topic, which is awesome. In this episode, I read the write-in responses and play the audio replies.


If you have any questions or comments about the show, email your audio thoughts or a written message to You can also comment on, too.

To get me an audio clip that can be used on the show, just use the voice memo function on your phone or computer, and fire it over to my email address.

I figure we do this with every episode and see where it takes us. Thanks to everyone who responded and stay tuned for the next Inside Line on January 29th.

If you're not involved with your local trail advocacy group, get involved, so you can make a difference in your region. And thank you to trail builders around the world. Without you, we'd have nothing to ride, bermed, natural or otherwise.

Cover photo by Sven Martin

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