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Ignoring weight/cost, what would the official brand comparisons be for intended purpose? It seems XTR vs XX1, XT vs GX and SLX vs NX. Where would X01 fit in? XX1 seems more focused towards XC whereas XTR is used on XC but also heavily focused on the trail/Enduro crowd; similar to X01. I understand NX is an "eagle" group but is it really a true "eagle" group? Should NX be allowed to play along in the comparison game? It doesn't offer that illusive 10 tooth sprocket. It's almost like XTR wants to compare to X01 (weight/purpose) but charge XX1 price and XT also wants to be compared to X01 (intended use) but be around the cost and weight of GX. Maybe I'm just over thinking things? Sram shifting ergonomics don't play nice with my thumb, so it's an easy choice of brand for me. Maybe Shimano is best because of front derailleur?

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That's what I was thinking. I guess the tape is to safeguard against abrasions taking it off. I'm almost at the point where I want to throw some on my buddy's bike without his knowledge to see if he notices any benefits

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What's under the black tape on each tire? Looks like some sort of small square object located just after the Magic Mary logo on each tire.

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My thought on transgender athletes, is in the future, when it's more prevalent, there will be different classifications of athletes. Men, women, trans-men and trans-women. Until that point, what exactly is the issue? Are the women racers feeling cheated? Or is it just a bunch of people stating their opinions, even though they are not a direct competitor? Have there been any protests from direct competitors?

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From my tally, we got 10 athletes; 4.5 track, 1 XCO, 2.5 road and 2 BMX. 1 rider was listed as Road/Track so I marked her as .5 each discipline. No love for the dirt...

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Any word on more aggressive tread patterns or additional sidewall support for the current models? I feel the M, S and R would be decent for my neck of the woods, but would love to see some sidewall support. I'm definitely curious to give them a shot though.

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I'm sure it would destroy riders, but how about a Cycling World Champion crowned during these events? Points based system, similar to Crankworx. DH, XCE, road, indoor, marathon, track and gran fondo. One Global Cycling World Champ. It would definitely end that debate about which cycling format is better, or make it worse.

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They probably bought them super cheap off from ebay, or they're still waiting for the XTR stuff to arrive.
All kidding aside, are they sticking with the unofficial Sram drivetrain or will there be a later announcement about a drive sponsor?

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Blacked out Hope cranks? No crank deal or just what they had lying around?

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Those are Trickstuff brakes, not the TRP listed in the article

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Gwin to aluminum bar instead of the carbon?

Read this in a different article. "All of the riders' bikes, including Aaron's, were fitted with Hellkat Pro tires on both ends, That said, however, Gwin has reportedly had contractual agreements with his tire suppliers that allow him to ride another brand until that maker can supply competitive rubber."
Is that just about his first year with Onza, running blacked out Maxxis or will he be running blacked out tires again this year?

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Looks to be a Kenda Hellkat tire and Mallet pedals. Does Jack use Crank Bros? Any idea on the shifter? TRP, Sram?

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Check out those grips on the Trek Factory release, it's definitely gotta be Gwin back with Trek!!!!! (extremely sarcastic)

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I was hoping this was about sensors being in the helmets and talking about impact and various forces on the rider's heads and helmets. Guess I took the title too literal. Good clip either way

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The price tag will initially put me off, but I would definitely love to try one before I say anything about it. Is there a way to demo one? I'd consider dropping that much cash when the need for a new fork comes, but not without a thorough trial

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I thought the same thing, but in other pictures the non-drive side sprocket is connected to the main suspension pivot, which is also a driveshaft that connects via chain to the cassette. Where do people learn to write like that? Patents are an entirely ... more »

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Less than 7 minutes in and I already have chills. Makes you really take a moment and think about how much people ignore and brush aside when it come to our bodies. You never really know when "nothing" is actually something. We're all pulling for ya Jared

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So stoked for this! I remember meeting Kyle as he was rolling up to BME’s in CO with a tiny truck full of bikes and a giant grin. Such an inspiration for what the sport should be.