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Way to go Enve. Now just lower it by another $1,000 and you'll offer competitive pricing.

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Oh I like this poll, here it goes: Currently on the new GT Sensor (130x130)* as my trail bike. Granted the bike is a custom build, one of the first things I wanted to do was bump the fork up to 140mm. This effectively changed the HTA from 65.5°(130mm ... more »

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or money... pretty sure its money.

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Judging by the video: the overall lack of hair, not a tall lanky stature, and the bell helmet/smith goggles combo point it to be Max (3_dumb) rather than rat. Edit* Max has been on that exact Habit alloy 4 for a while now as well.

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my go to is remove the lens, throw them in the washing machine (cold), then let them air dry, works every time.

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Your blinker fluid is probably due for a change. But seriously, go to your local bike shop. It could be a myriad of things causing the noise. They will be more than happy to help diagnose and solve whats going on and get you back on the trails again. ... more »

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@sspomer 'tis a rampage logo at the top. LET THE SPECULATION BEGIN.

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so a while back both him and Ropo were using #NSW on their IG teaser posts of the rims. Being SRAM athletes, signs would point to those being some sort of upcoming ZIPP rims (NSW is Zipp's market push of high tailored engineered rims/wheels(currently road only, which would make sense to move to a mountain rim as well))

*edit* but boy oh boy are those rims good looking

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If Tiger Woods was a mountain biker circa Thanksgiving '09

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The Athertons won with them, so it being a "bad, unraceworthy bike" is just an unwarranted array of comments. Bikes have gotten REALLY good in the past few years. According to today's standards, they're slightly outdated, super stiff, and could use a ... more »

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Spesh more than likely riding Magura because Formula Brakes (different than OEM Wheel/Hub maker and Formula suspension) is set to go out of business at the end of this calendar year.

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I can assure you that they will have both a DH and Enduro team next season. Nothing really will change besides the faces that make up the team. (Wyn and Martin will stay)

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the winds tell me this is the new rendition/replacement of the Process 153. However that is a LOW standover, and it makes me excited

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Where are you getting these from? Brook is still on GT. Neko is off Scott. There are pages of all this information clearly and unclearly (eventually cleaned up by somebody) on previous pages.

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Videos around the webs of Brannigan in Aus and NZ made it seemed like he was PERFECTLY comfortable on that new bike. Much Fast, Many Sending, wow. Excited to see what Fearon brings this year too, had a split last year of the Carbon Operator and the ALU ... more »

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Here i've got a brand new, never mounted, haven't even put hardware through it. 2016 Rock Shox Vivid Air R2C. Got this from my LBS, but due to some pop ups i'll be running a different company's suspension this year. Brand new. In the box. Never mounted

... more »

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