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Definitely planning to take my bike there next time! I went in 2018 when I was injured; my wife's family has had a cabin near Cabano for 30 something years. She raced and won the Gaspé 100 that year. We're hoping to do the Quebec Singletrack Experience ... more »

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200% hot hot fire. But would be improved with an orange MRP Hazzard shock.

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Since the inception of the EWS, there's been only 15 male winners. 6 of those have only won a single race. 6 of the 15 are retired (or at least not racing most of the calendar). So you only have 9 active winners, 6 active repeat winners. To suggest that ... more »

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I think they're just MT900s with more visible Shimano branding. It's a sweet crank, basically XT arms with an all-black finish and matching XTR ring. What's funny is that XTR rings are around $130 and you can get this whole crankset for $140-170, all ... more »

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Gwin flyin' on a new prototype? View this post on Instagram @aarongwin1 new bike day showing us how it’s done 💪🏼🛠 A post shared by Fix Manufacturing(@fixmfg) on Jan 23, 2020 at 10:44am PST

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I've been using droppers since the Maverick Speedball hit the market. I've pretty much had them all. I'm in the process of building two new bikes and I'm going with PNW Bachelor posts. I've been using a 170mm for about the last year and it's only the ... more »

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I did this once at a Walmart Tire Center at 7 am on the morning of a race. Their compressor was so powerful it tacoed my front wheel as the tire exploded off the rim, and my hand swelled up a ton from the impact. About a dozen people heard the sound and came from the store to see...more

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Shredder!! Big brands open up you pocket books, Akrigg's videos always fuel the fire!! Let's go ride something!! Well done Chris

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"Youn Deniaud to Giant Offroad Team" That would be huge news!

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sniper pro build (similar price) is 24.6 pounds for the medium, not the large. this norco here is a size large. no doubt the intense is light and i hear you about overall weight. i'd love to see your 5010. my medium 5010 is 27.5 pounds (edit form 28, i just re-weighed it) with...more

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Not the first, but the only uninterrupted Horsethief Bench climb. Very impressive!

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A bike that turns everyone into Nino Schurter on climbs, allows beginners access to the highest (often rowdiest) trails and doubles the distance/trail degradation they can do in the same time is a completely different sport.

Yes I’ve ridden a couple. My comments stand.

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ohh yeah Bryn! Well done, inspiration to us all! Our entire staff in Colorado is amped on this bikes arrival. Great job Norco.

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I agree Noah. [Sweet blog post below]

First - the scale: The 1/10 or 1/100 is still going to leave a lot to be desired as one of the biggest problem with any review is it just comes down to some arbitrary benchmark of "good" that the reviewer has in his/her head. EG, I may think "good"...more

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I'm not fan of the star ratings either. For example all the steep seat tube angled + plenty of AS bikes climb very well but then usually the enduro bikes are heavier than a XC bike and they need to lower the rating. Stars oversimplify too much.

The upper eyelet is turned for two reasons....more