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17 Questions - Rob Warner 15

Funniest thing you'll see all week (until we release the B-Sides). Former World Cup DH shredder and the classiest man in the booth during the World Cup DH webcasts, Rob Warner, handles the dreaded 17 without hesitation. #29ersindownhill

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The questions

1. Do you get nervous before a World Cup commentary session?

2. Do you think Claudio is a little too harsh on Brendog during his runs?

3. If you could have one dream co-commentator in the booth with you, who would it be?

4. What’s the worst part about commentating a race?

5. What’s the best part?

6. Have you been coached for commentating or is it natural?

7. Are you bummed we’re asking so many questions about commentating instead of your illustrious DH racing career?

8. Did you or Peaty ever get any blowback for coming clean with the “car crash” story in the bonus of Won’t Back Down?

9. So is your sponsorship with Commencal a results-based sponsorship?

10. If you come to SoCal, will you do an Inside Line podcast with Spomer?

11. Who’s winning Lourdes and who’s winning World Champs?

12. Rank the following from worst to best - Skinsuits, no visor or 29ers in downhill?

13. Do you think racing during your tenure was riskier than it is now?

14. Would you and Trump get along?

15. How often to people come up to you and yell, “LOOK AT THE TIME!”?

16. Will you enter Masters World Champs?

17. Wouldn’t you rather be training for Masters World Champs than answering these dumb questions?

Credit: John Lawlor / gordo
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