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Arguably one of mountain biking's most diverse competitors, Jared Graves has done it all throughout his career. Olympic BMX racing, 4X World Championship titles, World Cup downhill podiums and most recently, an Enduro World Series title, Jared's stats speak to his focus and ability to handle adversity during 30-second sprints or multi-stage race formats. Tim Bardsley-Smith took our questions to Jared as he prepared for the Oceania and National DH races near his home in Toowoomba, Australia. Sit back and enjoy some candid answers with one of MTB's best.
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  • ChampionP

    3/14/2015 3:51 AM

    I'd like to congratulate the interviewer and interviewee. I'm always disappointed with interviews that are list of predetermined questions sent in the email and one question has nothing to do with the questions and answers that preceded. It's more like a podcast in the way that it has a conversational feel and a sense that we are getting to know Jared a little bit and the interview flows more like a natural conversation. Kudos! and cool beans!

  • Hristo_Tanev

    3/12/2015 1:56 AM


  • Scrub

    3/12/2015 12:39 AM

    I refereed a Ross Milan wrastlin' match in a Durango condo long ago after a NORBA race and I remember Jared danced like Elaine from Seinfeld at the bar. Rowdy times.

  • Scrub

    3/12/2015 12:04 AM

    Gypsy racers!!

  • cliff.hardle

    3/11/2015 8:39 PM

    What an awesome dude.

  • jfkusa

    3/11/2015 8:36 PM

    lets get a ratboy interview

  • Nicholast

    3/11/2015 9:38 PM

    Vital would need a Rat Boy to English translator, or captions at a minimum. But it'd be worth it. Do it, Vital.

  • David.Max

    3/11/2015 7:39 PM

    LOVE the slideshow/audio interview format! In fact just love the slideshows in general. Picture 30 is epic!

  • Gnarsellus Wallace

    3/11/2015 6:43 PM

    Wonderful stuff there!

  • Big Bird

    3/11/2015 6:02 PM

    "Eddie could be good, if he keeps in the spirt and all. He might get a bit serious." Classic... Foreboding? Interesting observation about the XC training and attacking the downhills.

  • Big Bird

    3/11/2015 5:43 PM

    Nice Vital sticker. Front and center.

  • Acadian

    3/11/2015 2:58 PM

    Great interview...

    Maybe Jared should have answered some of those questions in French

  • anotherbikerguy

    3/11/2015 2:45 PM

    these interviews have been great. would love to see this format continue through the year, with all different sorts of riders.

    side note: that garage...!

  • Nicholast

    3/11/2015 2:07 PM

    Fantastic. Really enjoying the "The [name] Interview" series. People throw around "legend" to describe their favorite riders who have have done really well in the sport for a long time, but Graves is one of the few I assign that coveted noun to; he is a legend.

  • Big Bird

    3/11/2015 5:36 PM

    "He is a legend." and still going strong. A rare breed.

  • Pininator

    3/11/2015 10:28 PM

    He's also one of the most complete/well-rounded riders in the business. He would have killed it back in the days when you raced XC, DS and DH over the same doubt in my mind.

  • Dub

    3/13/2015 9:16 AM

    Graves vs J.Tomac as soon as the time machine is complete.

  • ccolagio

    3/11/2015 2:01 PM

    omg. his garage. wet dream. holy hell.

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