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Elite level mountain bike race season is officially underway for 2019. The first round of the Enduro World Series wrapped in Rotorua, New Zealand with perfect course conditions and history-making results. Sven Martin and @maddogboris send the track-side photos and interviews after a whirlwind of a weekend.

MM TSD NBD at the EWS, FFS. Total Stage Domination for Martin Maes, no big deal. The scary thing is he made it look easy, riding in control for a perfect day. Pre-race audio. -Sven Martin
Reverse mullet, 69er, 97.5er, winner. -Sven Martin
Martin admits to following Wyn all of practice. He tapped into the local knowledge and then added a bit more of that Maes magic. -Sven Martin
Heckler's Corner on Stage 4. Isabeau was one of the fastest and safest riders there. @maddogboris
Isabeau Courdurier's first EWS victory. Tears of happiness followed shortly after. -Sven Martin
Looks like Isabeau's fans traveled around the World to support her. @maddogboris
Winner, winner! Long time coming and well deserved for Isabeau. -Sven Martin
Brady Stone, fresh off an NZ Enduro elite podium and taking the win in the U21 today. A bright future for the young man from Nelson, NZ. -Sven Martin
What a week for Keegan Wright. 2nd (on his trail bike) at DH national champs. 2nd in the King of Crankworx competition with great results in Dual Slalom (1st) and Pumptrack (2nd). He shredded Air DH and regular Downhill, still finding the legs for a 2nd place in the Enduro today, which unfortunately, doesn't count towards King of Crankworx. -Sven Martin
Keegan is an unreal Powerhorse! He competed in nearly all disciplins of crankworks. @maddogboris
Morgane Charre doubling one of the optional gaps. -Sven Martin
Morgane Charre in disbelief crossing the finish line in to the lead and ultimately finishing 2nd today. What a a way to start the year. -Sven Martin
Pretty sure we will see more good results from Morgane this season. @maddogboris
Florian Nicolai, dodging logs and carving turns towards the bottom of Kateore. 3rd place and only under the radar to those not paying attention. -Sven Martin
Florian Nicolai started the first day with the #3 plate and finished day as number #3 on the Podium. Well done. @maddogboris
Foot out, flat out for Bex Barona. @maddogboris
Bex hearing the news on the way to stage four that she was in the hunt for a podium. -Sven Martin
Your Elite Men's podium - Martin Maes, Keegan Wright and Florian Nicolai. @maddogboris
Two first-time podium placers and a finalyy-eady-for-another winner.. Congrats Isabeau Courdurier, Morgane Charre and Bex Barona @maddogboris
Antoine Vidal narrowly missing out on the win. Second place today in U21 -Sven Martin
Jesse Melamed with an amazing 4th place and just 10 seconds of the podium after 28 minutes of racing. @maddogboris
Jesse Melamed pushed hard towards the end of the race after a slow start. Ending in 4th place on the day, blasting through the tape after barely crossing the line. -Sven Martin
Noga Korem with the most stylish jump into 4th position. We wouldn't be surprised if she does a no-hander next time! @maddogboris
Stylish, fast and ready for more. Cole Lucas into 5th place today. He's @cole.lucas, hit that follow button now. @maddogboris
Kevin Miquel finished the Race in 6th Position even with a crash on the first Stage. @maddogboris
Remi Gauvin, 7th place riding loose and fast, dodging and weaving through the trees at the bottom of stage two. -Sven Martin
Robin Wallner with yet another Top 10 result. One of the most consistent riders on the circuit getting it done quietly. -Sven Martin
Sam Hill had a couple of crashes. When they require brake and bar tweaks at the end of the stage, they must have been significant. He came into this race a little under the weather, fighting the flu, too. -Sven Martin
Sam Hill Soaring out on stage three with some pre-race audio. He ended up 13th making it a bit of slow start for the 2018 champ. -Sven Martin
Iago Garay with a career best 14th place EWS finish, including a 4th place finish on stage two. -Sven Martin
Becky Cook with a great Top 5 helped by her 2nd place finish on the long Queen stage of the event. -Sven Martin
Gusti and Wyn resting their arms during a climb. -Sven Martin
Packing for these trans-continental races takes some organizing. Plan well, pack efficiently. -Sven Martin
Last time we were in Rotorua, this was the podium. This year they still finished in this order but just a few spots back. Go the Kiwis. Since there's no Eddie photo today, his audio will work here to go with the Kiwi spirit. -Sven Martin
Iago Garay on stage one this morning being cheered on by the crowds. -Sven Martin
Adrien Dailly back racing but not without hurting his elbow again during training. He finished the day, but looked to be just cruising. -Sven Martin
Dimitri Tordo carving. -Sven Martin
Anita Gehrig on a much drier Kateore trail down to Blue Lake than a few years ago. Riders were lucky as the rain was threatening all day. -Sven Martin
Do it the Kiwi way! HAKA. GT Factory Racing. @maddogboris
Smiles for miles! ALN finished the Weekend with a solid 6th Place. @maddogboris
So long Rotorua. Bring on Tasmania. @maddogboris
Media shuttle vibes! @maddogboris
Last year's winner, Wyn Masters, expected more than 8th Place. Still great to start the season with a Top10! @maddogboris
At least we don't have to worry about snakes and spiders when we climb through Bushes. @maddogboris
The Party Bus went from Stage to Stage and was in full swing! @maddogboris
Not sure if Max Chapuis had the time to check the view! @maddogboris
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