Pinion's 12-speed, 600% Range C1.12 Gearbox 17

Lighter, more affordable and featuring a die-cast magnesium casing.

Pinion was showing their  C Line magnesium-cast gearbox. The C1.12 build has 12-internal gears that have a 600% range with 17% steps in between gears. Pinion's C 1.9xr and C 1.6 have 9 and 6 speeds respectively. This new shell at 450g is 190g lighter than their aluminum case (640g) and it’s far easier to produce. Production time is down to 3 minutes for the die-cast magnesium case compared to 45 minutes for the aluminum shell. This massive production time reduction means the Pinion C1.12 will be more affordable than previous versions. Weight of the full C1.12 system in the video below is about 2kg or 4.5-pounds.

Pinion C1.12 12-speed gearbox drivetrain in action


Zerode Taniwha with Pinion C1.12.

Ghost has also incorporated a Pinion gearbox into their H AMR adventure bike.

Shift on over to for more info on these compact transmission.


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