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Excellent article. I know you didn't do timed runs, but any idea which was actually faster? I "feel" faster on my air shock but can't tell if it's because the coil is just so much quieter and controlled that it feels slower. Would love to be able to compare times to see... thanks!

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Only way it could be dual rate is if the lighter spring length totally compresses prior to the heavier spring section. You get Keq for the first part of the travel, then K1 for the remaining travel after the light spring K2 fully closes.

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Someone get this guy a chain lube sponsor

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Kyle Mears. Also known as the Mayor of Moab. When not shuttling people to the top of Burro he's crushing. Up or down, doesn't matter. Here he is leading Nate Hills out on Portal...

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The fact that the courses are released prior to 2 days of practice means that the organizers intend for all to inspect the courses prior to racing. Presumably, so all are on even playing field with locals. If that is the case then I have a simple solution: ... more ยป

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The number of people that are reacting positively to this article is disturbing. Where do you draw the line? This will threaten trail access in the US if it catches on and e-bikes are indistinguishable from normal bikes to the lay person. If I knew there would be no backlash I would have no issues with this - my wife could keep up and group rides might not take all day. But we have worked too hard over the last 20 years for access to risk it. And you know there will be a hack to set the bike to roost mode...

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Yeah Tyson!!!

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If you park your car on a loop then ride the loop back to your car you end up riding the whole thing... Am I missing something? 5 min seemed harsh...

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It's a Solstice - out of Colorado Springs, CO. Check out for info. I think Mountainflyer did a review a while back as well...

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Added a comment about feature Win a RockShox BoXXer - Vital OTB, 2012 Val di Sole, Italy World Cup 6/2/2012 12:39 PM

Gwin - 3:14.53
Ragot - 3:53.14

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Dude, where's my parachute?

A base-jumper buddy of mine and I are on a group ride in Moab. We're on the LPS section that rides along the side of a 500' cliff over castle valley. He goes over the bars on a steep roll in and lands face first in the dirt. We all see the crash, but it didn't seem bad at all so the group doesn't even stop. Me an another guy wait while laughing as he spits some dirt out of his mouth and re-adjusts his helmet. After a few secs we're riding again with him taking up the rear. I can hear him back there riding for a while, but after a few miles I've dropped him but think nothing of it. I meet the rest of the group at the overlook and pull out a snack as we wait for my buddy... and wait. After like 5-10 minutes I realize that he must have had a mech so I'll tell the group that I'm gonna ride back up and help him.
I ride like a mile back up LPS asking everyone I pass and a group says they saw a dude back up the trail and he seemed fine but he was off his bike to the side of the trail just standing there. I'm puzzled but when I get there I can see what they meant; he is off his bike and like 5 feet off the trail - looking out over the cliff to the valley below and doing nothing else. The bike looks fine, no flats.
"What's up, you ok dude?"
"What happened" he replies looking at me funny
"I don't know man - you tell me - you're bike ok?"
"Where's my parachute"
"Where the f%$* is my chute?!" evidently he thinks he came all this way to jump but forgot his chute.
As I get closer I can see that he is rattled - his eyes look hazy, he keeps shaking his head back and forth and it's obvious that he has no idea who I am or what day it is.
"We're riding bikes man - we're NOT jumping!!"

While I walked him out to the road he must have asked me 15 times where his parachute was, if he crashed, where he was.... It was like his mind reset every 5 minutes and he was starting over. I was just glad we were walking away from the cliff. It took him a few weeks to recover and get his memory back but now all is good!

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Gwin - 4:05.30
Hannah - 4:48.30

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Gwin - 4:32.30
Atherton - 5:11.30

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