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Dual Slalom bike setup, coffee, Crankworx, filmmaking...we cover it all with Luca Cometti on The Inside Line.

Luca Cometti is a professional mountain biker and filmmaker from Southern California. He moved from BMX to MTB at an early age, hitting local races and making videos of his friends. As the years progressed, he turned that passion into becoming a Dual Slalom specialist, landing a ride on a factory team to race World Cup downhills, competing in Crankworx festivals all over the globe and creating film projects with some of mountain biking's most talented riders. Enjoy the show with one of the nicest riders in the game.


Show Contents
0:00 - The Coffee Setup
8:12 - Bonus for Beating Strait & Slalom Bike Setup
21:11 - Finding Bikes and Grom Video-making in San Diego
30:36 - DH Racing Progression & BetterRide Camps
36:46 - Pursing a DH Racing Career
43:43 - From Factory Racer to Privateer
52:56 - Pursing Crankworx Instead of World Cup
57:07 - Marketing as a Rider and Filmmaking
1:06:19 - Importance of Social Media Influence
1:11:04 - Quality of Content
1:22:44 - Brands Measuring Athletes with Promo Codes
1:27:37 - Video Project with Greg Minnaar
1:31:22 - Filming Kyle Strait's Back-breaking Rampage Crash
1:38:05 - Crankworx Hustle and Bernard Kerr's Success
1:44:21 - SURON Riders Wrecking Trails?
1:54:13 - Racing Big Mountain Enduro in 2023
2:00:30 - Why Isn't Dual Slalom a UCI Event?

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